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Huge Jungle Jim Posters Error.

HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 9,338 ✭✭✭✭✭✭ Le Grande Collector


There were 16 Jungle Jim feature films released theatrically in the U.S.A. between 1948 and 1955. There was a previous thread that included  this subject, but due to all the images that were displayed being no longer available, due to Photobucket removing them all, I have opened this new thread with extra information available. Above is the original U.S. one sheet of Voodoo Tiger and the original Australian daybill of Voodoo Tiger, showing the credits. In circa 1967 an unknown number of Jungle Jim films were re-released in Australia, including the four at the top with Savage Mutiny as well and possibly there may have been others as well. As the films had not much likelyhood of making much in the way of financial return, Columbia Pictures apparently decided to produce a  cheap generic daybill to cover all the films that they planned to re-release. Columbia, for whatever reason adapted the original Australia design of Voodoo Tiger to cover all titles planned to be included in the re-release. This sounds like a great decision, but instead of making it a stock poster, with no cast credits on the bottom, and just the design and Columbia Pictures presents Johnny Weissmuller as Jungle Jim on the poster, and then print the individual film titles on the poster as required, which would have worked, some nitwit decided to include all the Voodoo Tiger credits. This would have to be the greatest stuff up I have ever seen with Australia film poster printing. Maybe they thought the children who would read the posters at matinees wouldn't know the difference. I was involved in a children's matinee commercial screening on 16mm where a reel was left out ( long Story ) of a film screening, and no complaints were received by any patrons after the screening.      



  • HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 9,338 ✭✭✭✭✭✭ Le Grande Collector

    Another Jungle Jim poster error. A cinema owner screening the MGM 1966 film Maya decided to adapt and use a Columbia Pictures Jungle Jim stock poster to advertise the film.

     What is of interest here though is that the ''Filmed in ....... Jungle Africa'' tagline is completely untrue, and this information doesn't appear on any of the four stock posters appearing earlier on this thread that were used as Jungle Jim titles. If you look carefully  at the Maya adjusted poster appearing just above you will notice someone realised that Maya was filmed in India and lightly crossed out Africa and wrote the word India very lightly in pencil 
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