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Which Are Your Favourite 'B' Team Artwork Monster Daybills?

Do you have a personal favourite from the above daybill selection of some monster featured 'B' team produced artwork? I also am interested in your best fun and fugly choices as well

The contenders are -

The Snow Creature
Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Fire Maidens From Outer Space
Behemoth The Sea Monster
Perseus Against The Monsters
Curse Of The Faceless Man 
The Creeping Unknown ( two versions a & b )
It The Terror From Beyond Space
Revenge Of The Creature
Night Monster
Son Of Frankenstein plus the Invisible Man Returns
Son Of Frankenstein
House of Dracula
Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man

My choices from the above sixteen daybills are as follows -

Best Artwork - Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man
Most Fun      - Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Most Fugly    - so so many and almost all of them, but I finally settled for The Creeping Unknown ( the busier A version ) 

F. Cunninghame was the only printer to own up to the poster artwork for two daybills. The other fourteen printers names remain anonymous.

Anyone care to name their selections in the above three categories ? Love to hear your thoughts.


  • Godzilla is tops because it was clearly produced by the "F" team!
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    Best artwork-Reptilicus
    Fun-Night Monster
    Fugly-The Creeping Unknown (b)

  • Godzilla is tops because it was clearly produced by the "F" team!
    I completely agree. It is mesmerizingly bad!

    Here is a handy checklist to help tell apart from all other major auctions!
    HAS lifetime guarantees on every item - IS
    HAS unrestored and unenhanced images - IS
    HAS 100% honest condition descriptions - IS
    HAS auctions where the winner is the higher of two real bidders - IS
    HAS "buyers premiums" - NOT
    HAS "reserves or starts over $1 - NOT
    HAS hidden bidder IDs - NOT
    HAS no customer service to speak of - NOT
    HAS "nosebleed" shipping charges - NOT
    HAS inadequate packaging - NOT

  • Reptilicus and House of Dracula are good, Godzilla fits the so bad it's good category
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    Son of Frankenstein is AWESOME...I don't know what you guys are talking about.
    However, I completely get where you are coming from as far as Godzilla is concerned.
    I think this one brings a whole new dimension to FUGLY!

  • How then does this first release Polish Godzilla  poster appeal to everyone then? Why are they both so happy ?
  • OH MAN!  Finally a country to rival Australia in crappiness!
    That Polish makes it look even more like a kiddy movie!
  • Godzilla wins. Thanks to all who participated.

    A bonus F. Cunninghame image to admire.

  • Now I thought I would include on the thread two monster films, Terror In The Midnight Sun ( 1959 ) and Island Of Terror ( 1966 ). Both films were distributed in Australia by Regent Films and the  daybills solely featured distressed female images with no monsters to be seen. Adverting & Commercial was responsible for the Terror In The  Miidnight Sun daybill, but Island Of Terror wasn't credited with a printer's name. I have included some overseas poster images featuring a monster that one would have thought would have appeared on the Australian posters. What do you think  - was it censorship related or just a case of plain laziness that they didn't appear on the Australian artwork ?

  • The Monster And The Ape ( 1945 ).

    Another entry of below par artwork here with this poster. Not the worse artwork though comparing  it to earlier examples that appeared earlier on this thread. One would think a 1950's reprint, but interestingly the censorship rating logo is in the censorship style presentation  only introduced on Australian film posters in November 1971.

    From a pressbook a silkolene valence produced for the U.S.A, 1956 re-release. 

  • He looks like a grumpy tin man for the Wizard of Oz!
  • Every poster in this thread is gold

  • The Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell daybill image certainly rates up there with the Godzilla image as being a favoutite of mine.

    The amazing thing to me is that Roadshow Distributors distributed the film in Australia. They certainly dropped their standard with the commissioning of this one.

  • Wouldn't you just love to sit and have a conversation with the people (kids) that came up with these ones?!
  •  A late entry too good to leave out. Although the daybill image is o.k. the Australian one sheet image certainly isn't the case, so I had to include it here as it is so bad. The monster is from the Japanese film Destroy All Monsters ( 1968 ).


    How the original monster looked.


    The Australian daybill monster image. As I had previously mentioned is acceptable artwork.


    The Australian one sheet duotone poster effort is certainly a different story though. I am thinking there should have also been be a similar duotone daybill printed as well. This artwork has to be top five FUGLY. Your thoughts?   

  • Destroy All Posters more like - horrendous and visually challenging stuff here.
  • Oh that is hilariously brilliant.
  • i have that Destroy All Monsters - love it!
  • Baby Godzilla can hide in plain site as a sunglasses stealing monkey! Okie
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