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Which Are Your Favourite 'B' Team Artwork Monster Daybills?

HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,899 ✭✭✭✭✭✭ Le Grande Collector

Do you have a personal favourite from the above daybill selection of some monster featured 'B' team produced artwork? I also am interested in your best fun and fugly choices as well

The contenders are -

The Snow Creature
Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Fire Maidens From Outer Space
Behemoth The Sea Monster
Perseus Against The Monsters
Curse Of The Faceless Man 
The Creeping Unknown ( two versions a & b )
It The Terror From Beyond Space
Revenge Of The Creature
Night Monster
Son Of Frankenstein plus the Invisible Man Returns
Son Of Frankenstein
House of Dracula
Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man

My choices from the above sixteen daybills are as follows -

Best Artwork - Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man
Most Fun      - Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Most Fugly    - so so many and almost all of them, but I finally settled for The Creeping Unknown ( the busier A version ) 

F. Cunninghame was the only printer to own up to the poster artwork for two daybills. The other fourteen printers names remain anonymous.

Anyone care to name their selections in the above three categories ? Love to hear your thoughts.



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