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Rockabilly's Poster Framing Exploits

Since I seem to generate a lot of this drivel, I thought it prudent to create a thread separate from the "recent hangings" one, as it'll take a while for most of this to get up on a wall, and I also don't want to hog the other thread. That said, let's christen this thing with something decent. 

dementia 13 daybill framed 2

Sorry about the glare. Seems pretty *&$#% unavoidable.


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     :) Now that's sweet! Love it Rock!

    Great idea creating a new thread. Now you can post away and the poster world can marvel at your thrifty & creative framing ideas!

  • Great colour choice Matt! Makes the eyes really pop.
  • Thanks, Mark. The separate thread idea just seemed like the right thing to do. I'm still pretty active in terms of collecting, and I don't ever want to be a thread hog. As mentioned, I mat and frame way more stuff than I can hang, but except for the posters themselves sometimes, it's a pretty inexpensive and enjoyable pastime.

    Thanks, Matt. I thought about the possibility of using some kind of green, but I thought it would end up TOO green. I also thought about orange, but that seemed too bright. Hopefully this brown goes okay. As is typical with pictures of poster-ish things, it probably looks better in person. 
  • Love it.  I have a brown mat that has just been sitting in the drawer.  This is a perfect color for this poster.
  • Good idea, Charlie. Get the mat cutter cranked up and enjoy a little Saturday project.
  • Okaaaaay, I'm back in the saddle on this thread as well. Although not super duper noteworthy, I figure since we all like to see pics of framed posters and related ephemera, I'd lay these on ya. Pics aren't all that great as usual - my apologies. I wonder if getting an easel would help at all? Hmmm. Anyhow, here's the Bill Haley Here I Am, Here I Stay Belgian framed. I had some leftover brown matting from the Dementia 13 daybill, and put it to good use:

    here i am here i stay framed

    No matting involved here. I happened across an 11x14 frame that looked like it would go well with the Juke Joint lobby:

    juke joint framed

    Here's another one that hasn't made it to the recent acquisitions thread yet, but as long as I'm posting stuff I've framed, I might as well include it. A title card is as close as I've come to a decent poster for this title, so a touch of red matting and it's ready to go:

    so young so bad framed

    Next up, another framed pressbook. While I'd love to have the 1 sheet for this, the pressbook almost has more going on interest-wise (except color):

    weak and wicked framed

    And lastly, I haven't made space on the wall for this yet, so here it sits in framed-up limbo. *sigh* Still, I'm darned glad to have it:

    hot rod girl framed

    That's it for now, but I'm sure there'll be more to post soon.  :)

     B)  B)
  • Live hot rod girl!!
  • Top gear Rock and yeah that rustic frame really suits the Juke Joint!
  • Really nice work! You got a real talent! 
  • Thanks for the kind words, guys. As much as I'd like to claim some kind of talent or learned skill, there really isn't any, Mark. I use a border calculator app on my phone that asks the dimensions of the frame opening and also the item being framed, and it does the math. All I have to do is transfer those measurements on to the back of the matting and use the mat cutter along a straightedge. Other than the matting being acid free, there's never any archival this or UV protected that, as the vast majority of the frames I use are just repurposed thrift store purchases. I clean the glass and paint the frame if necessary. If the old backing isn't reusable, I just use foamcore from the local "everything's a dollar" store (which around here is Dollar Tree). I do think matting makes posters display better, but as much as that's part of it, it's also a way to make the item being framed fit the dimensions of the "as found" frame. It's all sort of an "economy of means" approach, but it gets the job done. Again, thanks for the kind words, guys. I don't want my appreciation of your compliments to get lost in my explanation.  :)
  • Hot Rod Girl is a ripper
  • Thanks, Rick  :)
  • I haven't framed much lately, although I do have a couple half sheet frames painted up and ready to go. Maybe I'll check this weekend and see if I have anything frame worthy. But I didn't pop up here to talk about stuff I haven't done. I'll post pics of a couple things I have. I just got done posting a pic of this one in the recent acquisitions thread, but I got it matted and framed up a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure how well it shows up in the crap-tastic photo, but I used a dark grey mat (I think the name on the back is "pavement") to try and match the grey on the jukebox. It turned out pretty decent:

    ami i-200 brochure framed

    This one I yammered on about in a recent acquisitions thread (probably this month's), and I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to frame it. The problem was that the image was mounted on to thick cardboard, which was the same thickness of the foamcore backing for the frame. What I ended up doing was tracing the outline of the poster thingy on the foamcore and cutting it out so the poster would fit inside the foamcore. To give it the illusion of matting, I used spray adhesive to glue sheets of red posterboard on to the foamcore and then cut out the opening and get rid of the excess posterboard. Usually the backing gets held on by those metal inserts that push into the frame, but I couldn't do that with this one, because the poster thing wasn't attached to the foamcore - just set inside of it. To remedy that, I had to cut some thin pressboard/plywood-like wood to the size of the frame and screw it to the back. It probably won't ever make it into the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, but it turned out passable:

    art of love - bedroom diplomat framed

    I think that's all the framed stuff I've got for now. I'm sure you'll all have to go and take a sedative from all the excitement. I'll be back as soon as I can crank out some more.
  • Since I seem to generate a lot of this drivel, I thought it prudent to create a thread separate from the "recent hangings" one, as it'll take a while for most of this to get up on a wall, and I also don't want to hog the other thread. That said, let's christen this thing with something decent. 

    dementia 13 daybill framed 2

    Sorry about the glare. Seems pretty *&$#% unavoidable.
    Superb!  Up yet?
  • Sadly, no. I think I need to campaign for more wall space. I have free reign in the poster lair, but only one other area outside of that. However, from what other poster folk have said over the years about their abodes, I may very well have more space than others. I’d like to find a permanent spot for it, but we’ll see.
  • Should be somewhere right as guests enter your home.  FREAK EM OUT!

    (might be a bit of a hard sell. i’ll just say that you said it was okay. that should do it  :)  )
  • Well, we all know Im always in the right.   ;)

  • No argument here, girlie.  :)
  • I wasn't exactly sure where to put this on the forum, as it's not really a recent acquisition and technically not a movie poster, but rather a facsimile of one, so I'll lovingly place it here, since I've almost come to a grinding halt framing stuff. As mentioned, I bought this Danish program for Dragstrip Girl because it features the art from the full size poster. It was arguably too small to frame and still appreciate it on the wall, so I considered the idea of a canvas print. I started a search to price canvas prints on Google, and some site came up offering like 89% OFF!! (of some ridiculously inflated, made-up price). I checked around a bit, found out their price was better than most alternatives, so I pulled the trigger. I had to upload a photo to do it, so I just put the program on my desk and snapped a pic with my aging iphone 6, and sent it along. + or - a week later, it showed up in the mail. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think I spent about $25, including shipping, for a 16"x20" print:

    dragstrip girl danish canvas print

    Next (and last) up, I also pulled the trigger on ordering a custom size frame for my backed Hot Rod 1 sheet, and got it from Spotlight Displays. As there is an existing Spotlight Displays thread, I'll write more about it there. If anyone is annoyed by cross posting, my apologies in advance. 

    hot rod 1 sheet framed

    While out thrift shopping yesterday, I did manage to snag another 30"x40" frame, so at some point in the near future I may have something more to add to this thread. Also, recently I posted an acquisition of a Hot Rod Girls Save The World poster. It was advertised on Cafe Press as being 23"x35", but since the default size of 99% of commercial prints, at least in the US is 24"x36", I thought they were referring to the image area of the poster. They weren't. The poster is actually the smaller dimensions. 24x36 frames are inexpensive and readily available, but are 23x35? Nooooooooo. Bastids. So, I guess sometime soon I'll be matting this &%*#$ poster to go into a 24x36 frame. Dammit. Watch here for further exciting updates.  ;)
  • Hey guys, I've been very inactive as of late, and all but one of these belong in the recent acquisitions thread, but this will suffice for now. Sorry for the marginal pics. I had trouble eliminating reflection from the ceiling mounted light in the poster lair. If I put the poster directly underneath or on the other side of the light, nothing but reflection. If I put it on the other side (which I ended up doing), a bit too dark. Ugh. Anyhow here's a few framed things from the rock-o-mansion.

    The poster you've seen, but here it is matted in a thrift store sourced frame:

    devil on wheels framed

    This is a recent acquisition, and I had a pair of blonde wood frames that I intended to put this and another poster in, but both frames were warped such that they wouldn't hang flat on the wall. Arrrggghh. I tried straightening the frames with weight for a month or two, but no go. I ended up using the glass from them and just ordered custom cut metal frame sections to replace 'em.
    high school hellcats framed

    This is the other of the two aforementioned posters, and another recent acquisition:

    pickup insert framed

    This one was a recent auction won on ebay as-is and already framed. The packaging, which I should've taken a picture of, was likely the single worst I've ever received in all the transactions I've had. It was a miracle it made it here intact.

    the young racers framed

    These are just the frames I have hanging over the stairwell, which I've posted before. The Choppers is a recent acquisition, but I may have posted the We Go Fast 1 sheet on the forum before. It's just a quick snap of what's hanging there currently.

    living room stairs winter 20

    And lastly for now, this corner of posters you've seen before, but with the addition of a new 3 sheet I'm quite happy to have. Not the best pic, but it was just a quick snap late in the day with low-ish light.

    living room poster corner 20

     B)  B)

  • They all rock Matt, especially the High School Hellcats!
  • Wowee.  Those inserts are fantastic.  Can't wait to see them up on the wall!
  • Wowza!  :o 

    Hot  Car Girl is fantastic! And Ves is right, those inserts, all hanging in a row will look great! Framed and matted nicely! Well done. 

    My fav is The Young Racers!
  • Awesome Rock!  Love the Pickup insert  <3
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    Wish i had some of these on my wall! 
  • Awesome!
  • Thanks for your kind words, guys and gal.  :)  It's the same problem a lot of us have, I'm sure. There's way more posters than there are places to hang 'em! Arrrggghhh.
  • Nothing super duper exiting here, but I got a couple of the new Belgians matted and framed up today. Sorry for the glare. The cheapo, store bought frames aren't very forgiving that way. These two are destined for the wall, however, which is better than the fate of most of the stuff I have framed.  :)

    Again, sorry for the poor quality of the pic. These frames are awful for glare, so I had to go with natural evening light and sitting on the floor to try and eliminate the glare that was still present. Ugh.

     B)  B)
  • They are just gorgeous, and you've done an amazing job with the framing yet again!
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