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Rockabilly's photos

rockabilly777rockabilly777 Member, The Framer Posts: 684 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
I'm not sure how active this particular post/thread will be, as I don't take lots of photos, but as a couple different subjects came up recently, the lake we live on and my derelict 1960 American Motors (most people know them as a Nash, the explanation of which is another story for another time) Metropolitan automobile. I snapped a few photos of the lake while standing on the end of our dock this morning. I'll post the panoramic shot first. 

cherokee lake panoramic
Here's basically the same image, but these are still shots facing left, center and right of the dock:

Cherokee lake looking left from dock

cherokee lake looking straight from dock

cherokee lake looking right from dock

With regards to the Metropolitan, here's a front, 3/4 view photo that came from the ad I originally responded to, and below it, one I got from Google images, which looks like it was taken from an ad or brochure or something. Per the information on the body ID plate, the colors of my Met when new would've been the same as the one in the ad:

metro drivers side

1960 metropolitan convertible brochure image

As can be seen as a difference in the two photos, the rear wheel openings on my Met had been cut out or "radiused", which would suggest that at one time someone had intentions on modifying the car for drag racing (the larger wheel openings allowing room for significantly bigger tires), but it appears that's as far as the modifications ever went. My car came with quarter panels from a donor car so that I can patch them back in and restore the wheel openings to their stock appearance, per the second photo.


  • MattMatt Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,643 admin
    Oh the serenity! Great pics Rock.
  • CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,910 admin
    Nice pics!
    That second mouse in the bowl of cream we call life...
  • rockabilly777rockabilly777 Member, The Framer Posts: 684 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
    This thread understandably doesn't get a lot of action, as I don't take many pics, but since there are 8 of these photos, I didn't figure I should clog up the recent hangings thread with 'em. As mentioned in my other thread, the living room recently got a repaint, and the mrs decided (without any input from me at all) that the whole thing should be movie posters and related ephemera. Please excuse the darkness of many of the photos. They would've turned out better trying to illuminate the room at night without the natural light coming in, but I wasn't that wise when snapping them. A genius I am most certainly not.

    (the stuff above the windows in this second pic has since changed and will show up in the pics below)

    (the wall to the right of the stairway has since been changed to display 4 album cover frames)

    And that (panning from the 3 sheet around counterclockwise), should be the extent of it.  :)
  • MattMatt Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,643 admin
    Wowwee, your house Rocks! I love all the movie paraphernalia that compliments the posters!!!

    Just noticed that clever side table in the last photo too. Did you make that yourself?
  • rockabilly777rockabilly777 Member, The Framer Posts: 684 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
    Thanks for the kind words, more awesome-r Matt! I wish I were talented enough to make stuff like that, but alas, I am not. I'm sure that was sourced from Amazon by the missus. There's also a clock that looks like an old film projector that showed up at the same time as the table. I'll have to get a snap of that and post it as well.
  • theartofmovieposterstheartofmovieposters Member Posts: 4,669 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector
    I second Matt's comments on Matt's house!
    How superb!  Everything looks too lovely!  That 3 sheet!  WOWEE!
    Even the cushions!  I love the metal reel artwork too.

    New career in home decorating???
  • rockabilly777rockabilly777 Member, The Framer Posts: 684 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
    Thanks, Ves. Not surprisingly, my part of it is supplying, framing and hanging the posters (and hanging the ephemera too). The rest of it is pretty much Kim. She enjoys decorating and really has an eye for it. I think if storefronts and window dressing were still a thing (and it probably is in large cities, but not around these parts) she could make a good living doing it. I'll pass along Matt's and your compliments to her.  :)
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