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Rockabilly's poster collection

As a response to Charlie's comment in the April 2020 recent acquisitions thread that he enjoys seeing non-film related posters as well as movie posters, I thought the best idea would be to just start a thread about my collection. That way I won't hijack any other thread by posting whatever posters I need/want to at any given time. Most of my non-movie posters are likely automobile or music related, but we'll see what pops up as I dig through the archives and buy more stuff. 

I don't know the exact dimensions of this one, but it's roughly bus shelter poster size. I assume it would've hung in a Pontiac dealer showroom or service department in late '55 or in '56. Currently it's hanging in the garage.

Feck. Sorry about the size of this one. I'm sure it's been posted here before, but it's just an old Wurlitzer jukebox ad I put in a vintage frame.

Another showroom poster here. This one is also bus shelter-ish size, but in a landscape orientation.

I'll throw this one in here just for your amusement. It's clearly a newspaper clipping, but I did have a small poster print made of it that's hanging in the Rock-o-mansion. That's me on the right, circa 1983-1984.

I'd guess this was a record store promotional poster used at the time of release. It was a freebie that Dave Rosen (posteropolis - Canadadave) generously sent along with something else a loooooong time ago. I finally got it in a (pretty beat up) frame last year.

This is already posted somewhere in my framing exploits thread, but I thought I'd throw it in here. It's the inside of a brochure for an AMI i-200 jukebox. I believe those were offered in 1958.

This one is slightly larger than half sheet poster size. It's one of a series of posters, maybe for classrooms(?) that had to do with different subjects of "Our America". By the styles of vehicles, I'd guess it from the 40's.

Another automobile showroom poster, also bus shelter size, this one advertising climate controls for Dodge. I forget the year of the poster, but the outline of the car on the poster looks like late 40's - early 50's.

This is a 2 sided poster, window card-ish size if memory serves, and the only spook show poster I have.

Another HUGE pic. Ugh. Anyhow, movie related, but not movie posters. Girl's cinema magazines from the mid-'20's framed up.

Also movie related. A vintage still/promotional pic thingy of Gloria Stuart in a period frame.

My only Jessica Rabbit poster. This thing must be 6 feet long or better.

A couple reproduction Coca Cola posters, but thankfully they're pretty sizable ones.

I forget what year this is from, but it's about quad size, I think. I thought the tagline "I was a hopeless fatty" was pretty amusing.

I'll give this a rest for now and add more later. I'm sure your eyeballs and brain are aching if you've made it this far.  :)


  • Awesomeness!
  • Wonderful stuff!

    Here is a handy checklist to help tell apart from all other major auctions!
    HAS lifetime guarantees on every item - IS
    HAS unrestored and unenhanced images - IS
    HAS 100% honest condition descriptions - IS
    HAS auctions where the winner is the higher of two real bidders - IS
    HAS "buyers premiums" - NOT
    HAS "reserves or starts over $1 - NOT
    HAS hidden bidder IDs - NOT
    HAS no customer service to speak of - NOT
    HAS "nosebleed" shipping charges - NOT
    HAS inadequate packaging - NOT

  • Thanks for the kind words, guys. It's another overcast, mandatory "safer at home", furloughed day here in east Tennessee, so I'll meander through the posters folder on the state of the art Windows 7 HP.  ;)

    This one was an inexpensive, impulse BIN purchase on ebay a few years ago, and it has everything wrong with it. It's drastically cut down, has lots of foxing, is a bit on the brittle side, etc. It's been on my "I need to do something with this" list for a long time, so I bought a frame that was close in size the other day and framed it up. Part of the tagline on the top had been cropped, so I included the entire one at the bottom instead. In a quick Google search, I couldn't find any real information on this brand, so I don't really know what year it's from.

    Here's yet another car dealership one, this one likely from the 50's. It's an exploded view of an earlier Chrysler hemi engine. Like the others, it's roughly bus shelter poster size.

    This one is half sheet-ish size, and I would guess is something that would've hung in the auto parts store or the corner gas station/repair shop. The car looks very 40's, but I don't know exactly what year this poster is from. I wonder why the misspelling of rhythm? Maybe a competitor had a product with a similar name.

    I really need to frame this one better, but it's a fold out brochure for the Nash Metropolitan, circa mid-50's. Like many of the other posters, it's close to half sheet size.

    Another set of vintage movie magazines framed up.

    Since I'm a fan of nostalgic-y stuff that involves car culture, I like the idea of vintage drive-in restaurants. The two geographic areas of the country that really nurtured car culture were southern California and southeast Michigan (the Detroit area). In the Detroit area, car culture centered around a road that traveled from Detroit, north to Pontiac, about 21 miles, called Woodward Avenue. Generally, car cruising happened from about 8 mile road in Detroit, up to the city of Bloomfield Hills, just south of Pontiac. Ted's (pictured below), which was close to the line between Bloomfield Hills and Pontiac, was the turnaround point to head back south, but more importantly to me, it's where my parents met in probably '58 or '59. I thought it would be kinda cool to have a postcard image made into a poster print a bit bigger than lobby card size. I also had a picture of their drive-in menu made into a print roughly the same size so they could hang together. Sorry if that's a bit too much info, but that's the reason for pics of this particular drive-in.

    I couldn't find any decent pics of the Totem Pole restaurant, but this is a nice rendering of it. This is where the kids coming from the northern end of Woodward Avenue would turn around and head back north. 

    That's all the rest of the non-movie poster stuff that was in my posters folder. There's LOTS more stuff around here, so watch this space for more content. Next, maybe I'll tackle images of the swing music related movie stuff, or the sort of sub-category of bad girl posters that feature women smoking, as that and guns are apparently what makes bad girls appear bad.  ;)
  • Oh my stars! YOU'VE been holding out on us. Very cool stuff. (I especially liked the MADHOUSE OF MYSTERY. Zowie!)

    Post MORE!!!

  • Rock! You’ve been holding out on us! Agreed—-a very enjoyable thread, with sweet paper! 

    But for God’s sake! get that 1956 Chevrolet poster out of your garage folded up and tucked away! Don’t let it deteriorate in the garage! Love it!

    As that 1956 Pontiac Wide Tracks poster should be tucked away as well! 
  • Allrighty! As threatened in another thread, I have more stuff to post, so let's get down to it. I should probably spread this out over a couple posts, so as not to be too overwhelming to your individual delicate conditions. Instead of double posting in recent acquisitions and this thread, I'll just start dumping, er, archiving my purchases here. In the future, I will try harder to endeavor to take my own photos, so I can control the size and quality a bit better. These are all seller's photos, so they're all over the place in terms of size and quality. Per usual, my apologies in advance. 

    As we've probably all seen whilst wandering the odd antique store here and there, older sheet music sometimes has interesting themes and artwork. I got a few different ones for some smaller stuff to frame as companion pieces for larger automotive themed posters:
    motor king sheet music

    hed have to get under sheet music

    hot rod race sheet music

    Continuing the car theme, but not quite yet to movie items, this is a commercial print (a bit odd sized at like 24x32 inches) with art by cartoonist George Trosley:

    quick service hot rod grill 24x32

    Getting back into VMPF territory, a half sheet for Devil's Hairpin:

    devils hairpin half sheet

    A bit of Aussie goodness with this one, Fast Lane Fever was apparently the US title. IMDB lists Running On Empty as the original title, along with a couple alternates:

    fast lane fever 1 sheet

    A French entry for the rock-o-poster archives:

    lhomme a la jaguar rouge french

    And to wrap things up for this time, I'll steer a completely different direction. The mrs, or resident hep-kitten in the rock-o-mansion, really likes the art of Tim Burton. Some time ago i got her the Art of Tim Burton book, but in terms of stuff that can be framed and hung on the wall, it's a bit harder to find. So for mother's day (shhhhh, don't tell her) this year, I managed to find a couple prints that I think will fit the bill. First, a smaller (12x18 inch-ish if memory serves) poster that appears to have been given away for IMAX showings of Frankenweenie:

    frankenweenie imax

    That one is already framed up and ready to go. This one I have to get framed up today. It's essentially a fold out brochure (that someone got free, and I paid for - ugh) for a Burton exhibition in Los Angeles. This one measures about 17x22 inches and features Stain Boy, if I'm not mistaken (which I very well may be):

    tim burton lacma poster

    That's it for now, but I have 9 more posters to post here, so when the confetti and tickertape is all swept up and the crowds disperse from all the excitement this time, I will once again challenge your patience, er, excitability levels with more ephemeral goodness. 

     B)  B)
  •   BRAVO!!!!!!  Thank you for sharing. 
  • Nice Rock!  The detail on Hot Rod Race is really cool! and those Tim Burton’s ( most of the artwork I’ve never been a fan of) are really nice! Liking Stain Boy-really cute-like the washed out water-color look! 

    Looking forward to the next ticker-tape parade!?
  • Well, at least it's movie posters next time, so there's that.  :) There'll be some pretty cool stuff (for my interests/tastes), so it should be worthwhile. 

  • Looking forward to the next ticker-tape parade!?
    Yeah me too! Fills the gap in my poster collecting of late!
  • That poster for Running on Empty/Fast Lane Fever is great.  The aussie poster sucks eggs...
    The one with the alternate title "Dead on Time" is pretty cool though:

    And I didn't know your were a Burton fan!  Like I needed more reasons to love you!

  • My only Jessica Rabbit poster. This thing must be 6 feet long or better.

    The only Roger Rabbit worth having, I'd dare to say. Holy Crap!
  • Greetings from the rolling hills of east Tennessee, on this overcast-ish morning in a world gone bonkers. I hope this post finds you all safe, well, and getting by the best you can. Not much going on here this morning. No one out on the water - not even the usual geese and ducks turf war. The roses seem to be pretty happy though.  :)  I thought I'd pop in this morning and post some of what's new for me in the world of high art.

    Once upon a time, years ago now, I had a Monster House lenticular 1 sheet. At some point while it wasn't framed and displayed, it was stored in the garage, out of the sunlight and elements. Despite that, I unrolled it one day to find that it had literally melted. The entire front of the poster was a gooey mess. Sadly, there wasn't any way to save it, so I had to get rid of it. Since sanely-priced copies only pop up once in a blue moon, I got this postcard sized version to appreciate as a placeholder until I score another full size one.

    Next up, a mid to late 60's Disney cartoon short subjects 1 sheet that I though might be a good companion to the Terry Toons posters. I scored this one for not much dough, but there seem to be a number of copies out there priced like they're 1930's Disney cartoon 1 sheets. With lots of copies out there, I can't imagine people will pay the big bucks for 'em. Y'never know though, I suppose.

    This is one that I thought had a bold, cool look to it, so I put in a bid for it and wound up winning. I'm not sure yet what I can display it with, but it's kinda neato.

    Since contemporary posters aren't generally my thing, here's another one I'm not sure what I can display it with. I've always liked the poster, so I finally pulled the trigger on an inexpensive copy.

    Now it's time for the exploitation-y part of our show. This is a 1 sheet for the re-titling of Jaws Of The Jungle from 1936. I'm guessing the angle of this release was to cash in on the more "ethnographic" parts of the movie, like partially nekkid Ceylonese wimmins. 

    And lastly for now, I was quite pleased to get a half sheet for this title a while back, but I'm even happier to have the 1 sheet, as it definitely has a more "bad girl-ish" look to it.

    That's all I'll bore you with for now. There's at least 5 more to post, but some of them are still in transit, so I'll hold off a bit. Stay safe!!  B)B)

  • Good morning! (Ugh...It's not even 6 am yet here...) Wow---stunning view from your house. Thanks for sharing.

    Whoo hoo! Posters galore!

    Sorry to hear about your MONSTER HOUSE lenticular melting. Darn it all. That is a shame. 

    Wow--every one of your posters speaks to me. What a delightful post. I can't wait to see the others.

    Gotta hit the showers...

  • Good Monday morning to y'all. I hope that if any VMPF'ers are in western Australia, that you survived the storm okay. I'll post another handful of recent acquisitions this morning to work towards getting caught up, but there's still a few that are too recent for this list. 

    I had a 1 sheet for this title that I just sold recently. It was in great condition, except for a Canadian censor stamp on Cleo Moore's shoulder, which looked like a tattoo. This insert has it's own set of challenges, but maybe it'll display better (from a distance, at least).

    I have a couple daybills for this title, but an insert came up inexpensively, so I opted for the artwork upgrade:

    Another car related one. I was kind of on the fence about it, as I'm more interested in the hot rod side of things as opposed to the racing side, but this will make a good companion piece for stuff like The Young Racers:

    Straight from the "shocking scandals" department:

    Here's another that I had in the distant past, as well as the Mexican 1 sheet, but sold them both somewhere along the way. I ran across an affordable (but unfortunately folded) copy, so I thought I'd add it to the collection once again:

    Getting in the home stretch here. I had never run across this title before. I checked Bruce's archives (as always, thank you for that resource, Bruce) but no insert there, and no insert on a general Google search. If memory serves, there were images for a 1 sheet, some stills and some lobbies. It's in pretty tough shape, but it was affordable-ish, so I took the plunge. Hopefully someday I can get it properly restored:

    I'm pretty chuffed to get this one, although as luck would have it, it's one of those roadshow-ish posters that's larger than 1 sheet size (like 28x42), so I can't just plop it in a frame I already have. I'll have to order some more frame sections and have another slab of lexan cut. Arrrggghhh.

    And lastly for today, I've been quite happy to have a half sheet for this title, but I was very pleased to finally score a 1 sheet for it:

    Thanks for having a peek. For the VMPF'ers that are Stateside, don't forget the sunscreen, keep an eye on the hot dogs so they don't end up charcoal, and definitely take a minute to remember those for whom freedom was definitely not free. 
  • WOW!!! Great stuff. My faves are ESCORT GIRL and BLONDE BANDIT...but I am also really digging BABES ON SWING STREET. Congratulations on those. I hope you had a great Memorial Day. I didn't leave the house...or put on pants. Ha! CHEERS!
  • Thanks for swinging by, and thanks for your kind words. My Memorial Day was completely filled with futile attempts at lawn care and yard maintenance. It's a bit like putting perfume on a pig. Ugh.

  • Now it's time for the exploitation-y part of our show. This is a 1 sheet for the re-titling of Jaws Of The Jungle from 1936. I'm guessing the angle of this release was to cash in on the more "ethnographic" parts of the movie, like partially nekkid Ceylonese wimmins. 

    So that's where it went! I spotted that one in a dealers site a while back. Awesome poster!

  • Thanks, Matias. A drawback to this poster is it lacks the wide-eyed crazy bat that Peter (oldposterho) used (uses?) as his avatar, that's part of the Jaws of the Jungle poster.

    I like the vibe of the pre-50's roadshow style posters, but they come in some unpredictably weird-ass sizes. Makes it a wee bit more difficult to frame 'em.  :s
  • Rock, that's some really nice gear! Love the color and lettering of Babes on Swing Street, the race cars are sweet on the Newman, and Burn'em Up O'Connor is outstanding!!! It will look just wonderful when restored and you frame it!
  • How did I miss the dayglo animals!  That one is spectacular.
    Escort Girl and Blonde Bait (they always be blonde these baiters :) ) Ooh lah lah
  • Blonde Bandit is a winner!
  • Thanks, guys. Now if I could only score a Blonde Ice 1 sheet.  :)
  • Thanks, Matias. A drawback to this poster is it lacks the wide-eyed crazy bat that Peter (oldposterho) used (uses?) as his avatar, that's part of the Jaws of the Jungle poster.

    I like the vibe of the pre-50's roadshow style posters, but they come in some unpredictably weird-ass sizes. Makes it a wee bit more difficult to frame 'em.  :s
    Peter is the reason I started appreciating that film, yeah!

    When in need of batshit bats, the argentinean does the job too :)

  • Holy wow - that's awesome!  :o
  • Oh Peter....such great posters!
  • 110x75 said:
    Thanks, Matias. A drawback to this poster is it lacks the wide-eyed crazy bat that Peter (oldposterho) used (uses?) as his avatar, that's part of the Jaws of the Jungle poster.

    I like the vibe of the pre-50's roadshow style posters, but they come in some unpredictably weird-ass sizes. Makes it a wee bit more difficult to frame 'em.  :s
    Peter is the reason I started appreciating that film, yeah!

    When in need of batshit bats, the argentinean does the job too :)

    Is there a thread with some of your beauties?  If I didn't collect aussie stuff, QUADS and the Argentines would be right up my alley!  We need to see MORE!
  • Hey gang, things seem a bit slow around the old watering hole, so I'll post my usual array of crappy seller's pics and at least afford y'all a handful of items to admire, er, heckle for a minute or two. 

    Uh, yeah. Sorry for the enormous photo here. Another auto related vintage sheet music, the title of which amused me, and is probably still relevant today:

    Sort of a meh, car related 1 sheet. It might be a good companion for better posters, or it could just end up garage art. We'll see.

    Definitely not the most exciting lobby set ever, but I'm glad to have 'em to go along with the mega-awesome (in my own opinion, of course) 3 sheet I have:

    This is almost certainly destined to hang in the garage, as I can't see spending the dough to frame it and put it in the house. Cars 3 character bus shelter:

    A pressbook to go along with the other exploitation-y stuff I display (and I also have the 1 sheet for this title):

    3 Mexican lobbies for the same title as one of the poster prints I had made recently:

    I've had an insert for this title for a long time, but this 1 sheet came along inexpensively, so I snagged it:

    I have both an insert and a 3 sheet for this title (as I'm a sucker for 50's 3D stuff), but like above, came across this one at a nice price and couldn't pass it up:

    Lastly for today (pause and get yourself a tissue if needed because of spontaneous weeping), this one is supposed to be an oversized (the listing said 18x24 inches - really?) pressbook. I'll be interested to see exactly what I have when it shows up:

    That's it for now. I have one more lobby set that I need to snap a picture of, as the listing only had individual photos, and there's certainly no need for that here. Otherwise, I'm caught up with regards to purchases. We'll see about things that are still lurking on the watch/want lists.  :)  Stay safe!
  • A great selection of diverse items there!  Partial to the mexican lobbies myself!
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