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How Should I Frame/Display This 1975 Rated X Comedy?!

WaWaZatWaWaZat Member Posts: 2 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
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Hey all!

Excited about my recent purchase of a movie poster for a 1975 rated X musical comedy classic. 

Now to display it. I’d like to do so authentic  to how it might have hung in a movie theater during that time-period. That’s where I need help. Can I get guidance on that? How to mount; what style of frame; etc.

Just before grabbing this 27x41 original, I saw another original that was rolled! Unfortunately I missed that one. 

Should I have it linen backed to help minimize the folds?

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  • CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,935 admin
    If you are wanting authentic a quick search of x-rates theaters from the 70/80s suggest they were pretty much hung like at regular movie theaters. Probably would need to find a vintage theater display.
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  • jayn_jjayn_j Member, Singin Dancing Fool, Lobby Master Posts: 836 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
    I actually saw this first run.  The film was shown at the local multiplex.  Part of a short period of time when x rated was trendy.
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  • WaWaZatWaWaZat Member Posts: 2 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
    Should I have it backed? All the conservators say yes, collectors are about 50/50.

    When I unfold the poster, there is some stress where the folds cross, that I’ve been careful to not push flat so as to cause more damage. 

    Of the conservators, some say to do a reversible linen-type backing to allow it to be rolled and to prevent sagging while hanging and others say to use a rice paper back or even just reinforce the folds. 

    I intend on framing this poster and keeping it hung on walls. 
  • BruceBruce Member, Captain Movie Poster Posts: 1,140 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    WaWaZat said:
    Should I have it backed? 

    I intend on framing this poster and keeping it hung on walls. 
    Here are my two cents. I have auctioned 26 of these and they go for $25 at best.|

    I would lay it between two sheets of foamcore or board, and then put a bunch of weight on it for a month or so. That will get it real flat.|

    Then buy a ready made frame from Sue Heim or the other guy, and put the poster in the frame, and enjoy it for years to come. 

    And if you ever see it has aged in any way, get another one for $25, and replace it.

    A world cheaper than backing and custom framing.
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