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The Young, The Dumb and Your Old Man has too much Money

My new job has some perks and some WTF'S

There's a young guy aged 22 who's father used to own the company, works in the warehouse as a storeman but was designated to be a trainee Project Manager.

Well, the  company got sold and he's set for life as a store person  . Which he hasn't realised yet. His dad made millions out of the sale and the young fella got a new car, so he is a happy camper.

So at lunch I.................. have to deal with verbal diarrhea.

Lunch time comes around. The young guys sees one of the other guys has two boiled eggs and some Indian rice to eat

He says, " What's that you are eating?"

"Two boiled eggs and some rice Mate"

Dumb (way too rich) guy " I've never eaten boiled eggs"

"Seriously dude?"

Dumb guy, "Yeah, I would'n't know how to cook boiled eggs?"


I don't make this shit up for comedy purposes.



  • They asked 1,000 city kids where milk came from, and every one said "the store"!
  • The announcer asks the kid: "I hear you want to be a farmer?"
    Kid: Yes sir...
    Announcer: If I was going to milk a cow, what would I need first?
    Kid: A Cow...
  • Urgh...don't you just really really dislike these kinds of people!
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