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So I know I have been MIA lately, those downunder know Melbourne is in lockdown number six.
I have been fine the whole way through this rollercoaster but this time around, I dont know why it hit me hard.
And then just after lockdown was announced, we found out we had to quarantine for two weeks due to a case my girls school.  Freaked me out and couldn't leave the house.

I kinda lost my bananas for a while there...I've been in a decent funk.
Anywho, after some time away from pretty much everything, I am kinda getting back into the swing of things...

So, looking forward to posting and contributing a wee bit more now.

Venting session over.


  • I live in Sydney which has been in lockdown now for nine weeks as as today, and the suburb that I reside in has recently been declared a covid hotspot as well.

     It is trying times indeed so I can certainly sympathsize with you. The best thing to do is keep mentally active and exercise outside when you can. My quizzes to be answered should  provide one hopefully with some good mental stimulation 

  • This COVID thing has us all messed up… 

    Poster therapy! 
  • Sorry to hear you've been doing it tough, Vesna. We're also in lockdown but it's a bit easier living in a regional city. I do worry about my son stuck in a one-bedroom apartment in Melbourne, at least he;'s with his girlfriend but his music work has been halted so he's stuck at home.

  • It's been a weird time, certainly.
    I've enjoyed most of the time I got to spent at home, doing stuff and being with the family, but at times it gets tough, yeah.
    Glad to hear you're getting back on track, girl.
  • Thanks for all the kinds thoughts everyone.
    I'm ok...think I just needed some downtime.
  • Hi Ves, I've definitely felt in a funk at times during the last 18 months (as I'm sure many of us have) you're not alone. I think it's the 2 step forwards, 1 step back nature of this beast that can get to me sometimes. Sending you positive vibes from over here and hope you get to enjoy some fresh air when the latest quarantine ends. 
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