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Post Your Best of 2021!

Lets see those posters!  Post your best from 2021...


  • I didn’t get too much in 2021, but this daybill was a generous gift from two of our wonderfully kind members. 

  • This one was certainly a highlight as well, just love 30’s/40’s musicals artwork. 

  • Definitely two beauties there! Congratulations!
  • Great idea for a year end post, Charlie! No guidelines are present, so my interpretation of this thread is a top ten list, but mostly given in no particular order.

    HOWEVER, the exception to that is a generous gift from a great friend. I otherwise would never have heard of the movie, nor seen the poster, but she was spot on in the poster being up my alley. The top acquisition from 2021 for sentimental reasons:

    This one's in crappy condition, but like another kindred spirit on the forum, I'm a sucker for posters for 3D films (in my case it's mostly pre-1960 stuff), and it's an extra bonus that the subject matter on this one is great too:

    I like the early "every moral misstep will get you a free ticket on the express train straight to hell" exploitation (and sexploitation) movie posters, and I was pleased to get this one, although I'll still keep looking for one from an earlier release:

    The last non-automotive title to make the list, this one isn't impossible to find, but typically hard to track down. For the handful of people that like movie posters AND the history of the jukebox, there aren't too many titles that apply. This is one of the better ones (but does it feature any kind of jukebox image on the poster? Nooooooo):

    Starting the car themed part of the list, but still in no particular order:

    A couple of very recent purchases that are still in the hands of the Royal Mail across the pond:

    I think this is the first non-English language hot rod poster I've managed to get, and I'm definitely always on the lookout for others:

    This isn't a title I had any posters for yet, so I was glad to finally snag one:

    And lastly for the top 10 list, posters for this title seem to be more scarce than others of it's hot rod brethren, and the insert in particular even more so. Not everyone's taste for sure, but I was happy to get it:

  • Wonderful set of posters! Love that roller derby posters - will have to keep an eye out. 3D - no offense to the ladies but you had me at panty raids… lol

    I’ll get around to throwing up some photos here in a bit. I’m smoking a ham so will have some down time here in a few minutes.

    Merry Christmas!
  • Seems like I was more into quality than quantity this year. 

    Not a poster but I never thought I would find such an original piece of this pose. I bought the insert just for Anita’s mesmerizing beauty.

    Up it popped on auction and probably in my top ten of all time. Original silver gelatin of that modeling session - same as use on the poster.

  • Here are few more that made the cut… Just picked up the Paton quad last night and it’s been on my list for years too. It was a good year!

  • Heavens to Betsy, Charlie! Wow! After Anita and Paulette, I went and stoked the Christmas fire with my entire top 10.
  • Noooooooo! Save the posters… 😀 Your comments are too kind. 
  • Wow! Where to start?! Greet stuff guys! 
    Rock-Juke Box Jenny & The Fast Lady are very cool! 
    And Goonies, Ekberg & Repulsion are sweet Charlie!
  • My first Sonja Henie Poster...
  • Wowzers, that's a huge slice of awesome!
  • A beautiful poster.
  • @Sotzume, that is really nice!😲😃
  • edited January 3
    Eisenhower: Great to see your Spirit of St Louis and Rhythm in the Clouds (very pretty).

    Rockabilly: Love those hot rod movie posters!  Street racing and the devil: Mom and Dad, can't we please just have a little county highway dragging without the Prince of Darkness?! I sure enjoyed watching Roller Derby 50 years ago and knew a gal just a few years back that was doing Roller Derby flat track in Biloxi, Mississippi.  We went to watch her and sure had fun. All the panty raids we had in college were in 3-D. At one college I went to, the girls were locked in their dorm at 11 PM.  Raids there only succeeded if the girls threw undies to us out of their windows before the matrons chased us away howling into the night.

    Charlie: So many great film posters and styles!  You've got the start to a museum exhibit there.  One more thing: Anita... Oh, and Paulette...

    Sotzume: My Lucky Star is so beautiful and what an art schooling in the lovely use of blues.

  • Flamingo Road daybill (Heritage), The Big Cage (eBay), Outlawed (MovieArt).  That's the only 3.

  •  Three great posters and I especially like the Flamingo Road daybill.
  • Bravo, Darolo! Nice to see the rarities you won.  Is the Tom Mix Outlaw a title card or half sheet? Okie
  • A great trio of posters with wonderful colors! Congratulations!
  • Okie - It is a half sheet, it has quite a few scuffs, but at least it hasn't been folded..
  • If you had told me at the beginning of 2021 that I would have the below five posters added to my collection, I would have been very challenged to figure out how that could happen.  With the challenges we all went through last year, it's nice to look back on the positives, too. Please forgive me for repeating some of the below text across forums.

    1. Dawn Patrol 24 sheet.  I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at the richness of color and sheet alignment when we got this poster hanging up on display for the first time in October.  All the happy, amazed faces of fellow collectors when seeing this poster in person is my favorite collecting memory of the year.

    2 and 3. Dracula and The Wolf Man.  I'm so happy to have these two posters in such nice condition and in their natural state. Kudos to the collector before me that kept them so nice. They're up and framed and I enjoy looking at them each day!

    4. Bordertown.  Such beautiful work by Martinati.  We have a little room shuffling going on in our house as our kids grow up, with a previous kid bedroom becoming a guest/art room.  This poster is going up in that room.

    5. World Without End 24 sheet.  With incredible Reynold Brown art, I can't wait to get this one linen backed and up on display somewhere later in 2022. I just need to decide where and when to take that linen backing plunge!

    I hope 2022 brings all of us some pleasant surprises!   Okie
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    WOW! Such beautiful posters. The Dawn Patrol is amazing and what lovely artwork of Bette Davis.
  • A lot of "wow" on this thread
  • How in heaven's hooters did I miss the 24 sheets previously? WOW!! All 5 of those are great, but it's quite something to display a poster larger than a 6 sheet. As Wayne or Garth would say, I'm not worthy!
  • @darolo very nice paper, I’m partial to daybills so really liking the Crawford! 
  • @Okie that Dawn Patrol is just amazing! I remember when it was up for auction and thinking what a spectacular piece it was! Big congrats! 

    And your other pieces-Bette, Dracula & Woof Man are so colorful! Such nice display pieces! 👍🏻
  • Spectacular year Okie!
  • Rick said:
    A lot of "wow" on this thread
    My thoughts exactly!

    Dawn Patrol. Holy crap that's friggin HUGE!!!

     I can't wait to see the World Without End on linen.
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