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Anyone know about these?

May be an image of text that says The Chief Film Censor has classified this film subject to the following warning- THE DEVILS is not a film for everyone It tells of hideous events which allegedly occurred France in 1634 Because the film is explicit and highly graphic in depicting those events some people will find it visually shocking and deeply disturbing THE DEvI IS COMING THIS FILM HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED R RESTRICTED EXHIBITION PERSONS YEARS NOT ADMITTED

No photo description available

Just wondering if anyone knows about these? Hell's Creatures and Naked to Hell are smaller than the usual daybill, The Devils is really cool and folded and bigger than a daybill. I guess it might be called a special poster.


  • and this another rare one.It's a four-piece,
    May be an image of 3 people and text

  • I will do a bit of digging, but apart from some thoughts regarding the Naked To Hell and Hell's Creatures daybills that I need to further chase up, on, I have nothing to contribute at the present time. 
  • The Devils and Scream unusually sized posters are a mystery. and the reason for them being printed in these sizes most likely will remain a mystery,

    Both the Naked To Hell and Hell's Creatures daybills were imported and released in Australia by Chesterman International Distributors Pty. Ltd. Both these films I am thinking were released in Australia around the same time, hence both posters being printed in the unexplained printing in the much smaller size than daybills were usually printed in. I know the Hell's Creatures poster size is listed as being 12'' x 23'', and I am thinking the Naked To Hell is the same size. 

    Om checking on other Chesterman daybills they are in the normal daybill size range for that time.

    The Belgian and Italian film poster artwork is the same as it appears on the Australian daybill.
  • Thanks Lawrence, I knew you'd have the info.
    Yes, both are the same size. I found info and alternate titles for Hell's Creatures but nothing about Naked to Hell, which must have another title.
    Terrific, thanks again.
    The Scream "banner" is obviously much later and as mentioned in four parts. I'd never seen one before getting this copy.
  • Thank you for your kind words Rick. Always happy to assist whenever I am able to do so. 

  • Some recent thoughts regarding this advance poster are that the main purpose appears to me to have been for it to have been specially printed to forewarn the general public of the graphic nature contained in the film. 

    Whether the poster was organised in this form, originating from instructions from the Australian Censorship department, or it was just decided on by the Australian distributor to print it in this form is unknown.

    Something of extra interest to me that I find odd is that the poster has no Warner Bros. credit printed on it. 
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