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eBay's No Question Asked Policy

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,308 admin
edited July 2017 in Just A Little Bit Random
Been selling on eBay for a few months now, it was an experiment to run a live syncing between my site and eBay which I had been working with them on, it works quite well and TBH I have enjoyed selling on eBay, business is brisk and there have no issues.

So, took a call from eBay yesterday, basically told that they are removing the 3-7 or 14 day return policy (buyer's remorse sort of thing) and automatically putting it to 30 day and also offering sellers the opportunity to set it to 60days. Apparently it'll enhance your ranking (or whatever it is).

They asked if I would be signing up for it. Would I be offering buyers remorse on a second hand fragile vintage movie poster that a buyer has handled multiple times and after 30 or even 60 days has decided to return it?

I said no.

I blame John.
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