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Categories - Bazillions of movie poster factoids and images!

HereComesMongoHereComesMongo Member Posts: 938 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
edited April 2018 in Poster Research "outshines the sun"! Excuse my hyperbole but IMO it is the "gold medal winner" for educational movie poster (MP) websites but few collectors have "enjoyed" its radiance. It offers extraordinarily-detailed  information (country, genre, year, size, artist(!), known copies(!), distributor, image source, etc) and images for:

+ 52,504(!) US MPs, inc. NSS number (first/only site to list this)
2,734 UK "film" posters
5,813 French "affiches de cinéma" (i.e. MPS)
5,698 Aussies
49(!) other countries



Professional website designer and MP afficianado Alex (from Eastern Europe) spent countless hours solo developing the site but has been incommunicado since March 2017 unfortunately. Be mindful of some erroneous info/images but that's inevitable for such a "ginormous" website. Enjoy, explore, and promote it to your poster pals!

P.S. To access XL images you must log-in but since you cannot currently register email me ([email protected]) to borrow my log-in info.

Mel S. Hutson
Charlotte, NC USA
My reference website:
My Current Poster Collection


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