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Jack Nicholson The Cry Baby Killer ( 1958 )

HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,895 ✭✭✭✭✭✭ Le Grande Collector
edited August 2015 in Posters by Actors
I can find no evidence that Jack Nicholson's first film The Cry Baby Killer ( 1958 ) was every released in  Australia looking at various sources I have at hand. Roger Corman was an executive producer and the film was released in the U.S.A. by Allied Artists. For some reason I believe the film was released in Australia in the early 1960s by Paramount Pictures. I would like to know I am not just dreaming the film was released in Australia and I would love some proof that it was in any shape of form. Posters or newspaper  advertising in any shape or form would be great.


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