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1950's First Release Australian Daybills Not Designed By Richardson Studio For Paramount Pictures

HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,649 ✭✭✭✭✭✭ Le Grande Collector
 O.S.image comparison.

There were a number of films released by Paramount Pictures in Australia in the 1950's that  I am convinced that there were no daybill posters designed by the Richardson Studio for theses films. I believe these displayed five feature films daybill posters would have been designed and printed in duotone by an uncredited Australian printer for the film's first release. Note that these posters don't have A Paramount Picture wording on them only A Paramount Release or Released By Paramount Pictures appearing on them.The details for the five films are as follows.

Immediate Disaster ( a.k.a. Stranger From Venus ) Rich & Rich Ltd. USA television first release in 1954. No Paramount Pictures connection known.
Godzilla King Of The Monsters ( 1956 ). Toho Company. Embassy Pictures / Transworld Releasing Corp in the U.S.A. Released in Italy & Argentina by Paramount.  
Gilbert Harding Speaking Of Murder ( 1953 )  Danziger Productions Ltd. / Paramount British Pictures. A compilation of 3 stories from a U.K. television series called  Calling Scotland Yard. 
Alaska Patrol ( 1949 ) Burwood Pictures Corp. / Film Classics. No Paramount connection known.
S.O.S. Submarine ( 1941 Italy  then edited & dubbed and released in the U.S.. in 1948 by Screen Guild Productions. No Paramount connection known.

There were five other films that may also fall into this category of first release duotone daybills, but until an image turns up we won't know for sure. The titles are -

The Ninth Commandment ( a.k.a. Sansualita ) ( USA Barefoot Savage ) Ponti- De Laurentiis Cinematografica / Paramount Films Of Italy - I.F.E.Releasing Corporation ( U.S.A.) Italian film with subtitles. 
Oriental Evil ( Breakston - Stahl Productions / Classic Pictures. No Paramount connection known .
Ten Dollar Bettor ( 1951 ) Jack Broder Productions / Realart Pictures Inc. No Paramount connection known.
Breakdown ( 1952 ) Pegasus Productions / Realart Pictures Inc. No Paramount connection known.
Gambler And The Lady ( 1952 )  Hammer Films / Lippert Films. Exclusive Films ( U.K. )  & Lippert Pictures ( U.S.A. ). No Paramount connection known.

Newspaper advertisement placed during the film's run in Newcastle N.S.W. in September 1953.

The reason the just mentioned five titles may be either duotone or Richardson Studio / W.E.Smith full colour daybills is because of the following three titles were also independently released films overseas, but were released in Australia by Paramount Films and were produced by Richardson Studio / W.E. Smith. All three have A Paramount Release and not A Paramount Picture printed on them. A point to make is that no duotone versions of any of these three titles have been sighted.   


Crashout ( 1955 ) Filmakers Releasing Organisation ( States rights system ). No Paramount connection known.
Mad At The World  ( 1955 ) Filmakers Releasing Organisation. No Paramount connection known.
The Big Chase ( 1954 ) Lippert Pictiures, Inc. No Paramount connection known.



  • HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,649 ✭✭✭✭✭✭ Le Grande Collector
    edited September 2018

    Strand Theatre Newcastle N.S.W.                                                                          Australia Cinema Melbourne Vic.

    Strand Theatre Newcastle N..S,W.

    Some more information regarding this very little known film The Ninth Commandment. To have a foreign language film with English subtitles released in a major Newcastle cinema in 1953 was most unusual. This film would have been mainly screened at the big city art house cinemas, but being from Paramount and the Newcastle Strand Theatre at that time mainly screened Paramount product probably had something to do with it.
  • HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,649 ✭✭✭✭✭✭ Le Grande Collector

    Additional backup with the Godzilla one sheet now surfacing, and thus adding to my belief, that Paramount Pictures as previously mentioned didn't produce any Richardson Studio designed full colour daybill versions for a number of films in the 1950's, and in the case of the one sheets a decent full colour version.

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