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Woodstock - why?

PanchoPancho Member Posts: 706 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
Hi everyone!

Over the years, I've been able to put my hands on 3 different daybills for Woodstock and, side by side, it can be seen that rather than just reprint what was on the full colour version, the second printing (red) and RR (purple) have chosen to change the pictures around. It's all a bit odd, really.


The picture of Sly Stone (bottom on the full colour DB) stays the same, although his position is switched around.

The crowd image is reformatted on the red DB - look at the shirtless guy standing up on the RHS.

The big difference is the picture of the couple, Bobbi Kelly and Nick Ercoline, (who are still together BTW :-))

Here's they are along with the original picture take by Burk Uzzle on Sunday, August 17, 1969:

So the full colour DB reversed them and changed their blanket colour.

The red DB has them positioned the right way but has magically transported them from the crowded festival to a empty hillside.

The RR DB finally places them the right way AND with the right background.

So every DB has a different combination of the three photos! Why? Who knows!

The film initially debuted in Sydney on August 21, 1970 and the last theatrical session I can find is November 27, 1981 in Canberra. So over an 11 year run, I guess we can understand the different designs.

On that note - the 1981 screening shows a 'M' rating. I'm curious as to whether anyone has seen an 'M' rated Woodstock DB?


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