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Value of these prints

RometRomet Member Posts: 1
Hi, I just found heaps of these posters and prints from 80´s from my shed and I would like to find out what their price might be. Could somebody please help me with this? Thakns

1. Athena International, London 1985. City of Angels. David Juniper at folio. Printed in England 107639, 69,5cm x 88,5cm
2. Athena International, London 1987. Art explosion. Paul Simmons at Meiklejohn Illustration. Printed in England 108130 69,5cm x 88,5cm
3. Athena International, London 1987. Archer, Spencer Rowell, Printed in England  69,5cm x 88,5cm
4. Athena International, London 1985. Dream Machine artworks by Chris Moore at Artist Partners reproduced courtesy of Rolls Royce Motors limited, Printed in England 69,5cm x 88,5cm

Rest of them are 27,5cm x 45 cm Impulse, Brad 81

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