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Dewey Law Firm international film poster collection - possibly the greatest framed collection ever!

HereComesMongoHereComesMongo Member Posts: 924 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
In Feb. 2013 day I visited the Weschler auction offices to see the Dewey Law Firm international film poster collection that was being auctioned off. (The firm went bankrupt in 2012.)

Most of the collection consisted of jumbo-size DOUBLE panel French and Italian double panel posters.  My pictures do not capture the scale of these babies!

But anyway it was like visiting a movie poster museum!  You never see these monster posters framed.  I estimate each frame is worth $1,000 and the restoration must have been expensive as well.  

According to the auction director, the collection was displayed at the firm's building.  The firm had an international clientele and the managing partner created and displayed the collection to attract international business clients.

Possibly the greatest framed international MP collection in history.

Photo slide display of all 32 of my pics:

My top 5:

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