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Packing Peanuts et al my hunt for good cheap packaging

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
edited June 2017 in Storage & Archival
We're in need of packing peanuts for my wife, she imports pottery from the UK and sells it online and in store and so need to protect it in transit and I didn't have time to hunt down a bulk lot so grabbed a bag from the local Office Works (like Staples USA), $7.99 for a bag (about 25 litres).

A few days later I was able to take the time to attempt hunt down a bulk lot.
  • Cheapest bag on eBay was $35 make an offer, so I offered $25. His counter offer was $34 - WTF?! So moving on...
  • On the web, commercially they were around $30-$60 a bag plus freight or including freight.
  • Then on Gum Tree found one not far from us, $25 cash pickup. That'll do me.
In comparison: $7.99 for a 25L bag or $25 for a 400L! We are in peanut heaven...

The internet...if you are prepared to look thar's a bargain to be had.

For posters: I have a great supplier of nice thick paper and my (gorilla) poster tube hunting has turned up a good supplier, which works out at the right price if you are prepared to pick it up.

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