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Tarzan RKO Series ( 1943 - 1955 ) Australian Daybills

HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,369 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector

There were twelve Tarzan films released during 1943 - 1955 by RKO  Radio. 

The titles of the ten Simmons printed  daybill images appearing above and release dates are -

Tarzan And The Leopard Woman ( 1946 )
Tarzan's Savage Fury ( 1952 )
Tarzan And The Huntress ( 1947 )
Tarzan And The She-Devil ( 1953 )
Tarzan Triumphs ( 1943 )
Tarzan And The Slave Girl ( 1950 )
Tarzan's Desert Mystery ( 1943 )
Tarzan's Magic Fountain ( 1949 )
Tarzan And The  Mermaids ( 1947 )
Tarzan's Peril ( 1951 )

I though I would include a Tarzan stock poster printed by F. Cunninghame for RKO that was  used in this case for Tarzan's Peril.

A very good result in having ten out of the twelve original daybills that were printed available to view. 

The two missing Tarzan titles I am still looking for daybill images of are -

Tarzan And The Amazons ( 1945 ) 

I love the tagline from this Australian newspaper advertisement placed for Tarzan And The Amazons in 1946.

and Tarzan's Hidden Jungle ( 1955 ) The final Tarzan film released by RKO.

If by chance anyone has daybill images of either or both of there titles please share them here with us.

I thought also I would include the one sheet images of  Tarzan And The Huntress and Tarzan And The Leopard Woman that I had found.


Australian ad block images of Tarzan And The Mermaids one sheet and also the three sheet displayed as well, so you can see what they look like. Anyone with any of the missing one sheet or three sheet Tarzan RKO Australian poster images I would very much like to see them.

This unidentified country of origin trade advertisement from the 1940's indicates just how popular the Tarzan series were during that decade.

For anyone who enjoyed the beautiful full bleed Simmons Tarzan RKO daybills displayed on this thread, and possibly haven't yet looked at my previous daybill threads of The Falcon, The Saint, Dick Tracy, Mexican Spitfire, The Great Gildersleeve and Scattergpood Baines RKO series, along with the the the RKO Val Lewton titles, I recommend all these Simmons full bleed image threads are worth a visit.

Coming soon some Columbia Pictures film series threads, featuring known daybill images, starting with The Whistler series, which starred Richard Dix, appearing below in Mysterious Intruder from the series. The daybill images this time round to be featured, are from the great printer W.E.Smith. 

Columbia Pictures made a good number of film series, mainly throughout the 1940's, including Boston Blackie, Crime Doctor, Bulldog Drummond and The Lone Wolf. Unfortunately daybill images are hard to find but I am still searching for them. Some images are available and I hope to present some of these series at some time in the future.  



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