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"The Mummy" may/may not flail at Sotheby's on 2018-10-31

HereComesMongoHereComesMongo Member Posts: 924 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
So I've been entertaining/annoying other MP venues and sparing VMPFers/daybill love-slaves!  =)

But I'll pontificate re this subject:

+ Latest article:

+ A super-heavyweight told me it would flail - "a retail sale masquerading as an auction"

+ Many US newspapers prominently covered the announcement:

Good for hobby, embarrassing if it flails!

+ It REALLY is in NM condition but how? In "Reel Art" book it was reported that studios printed 13-20K one sheets in 1930s for major movies but NOBODY collected them or preserved them. Only 3 Mummy 1S survived to now.

+ "Horror Legend Joe Dante on The Mummy, Film Posters and Growing Up a Monster Kid"

Mel S. Hutson
Charlotte, NC USA
My reference website:
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