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The Ultra Amateur Linen Backing Thread

racer59racer59 Member Posts: 89 ✭✭ One-Sheeter

I'm going to preface this by stating that as a fairly new collector, one of my major goals in collecting has been to be able to display my posters in the best manner available. (I know this is very subjective and I don't want to touch that subject) So, I needed to find out what to do with folded posters. Some people frame them folded, and again that's personal taste, I just don't think that looks very good, aesthetically speaking. So I discovered linen backing, and then discovered how expensive it can get. Especially when I counted about 16 posters I wanted to back, six of them being french one panels most in good shape but a few not that good. I then had one my posters backed and restored professionally. It was the most damaged poster I had that I wanted for display, a dirty one sheet with some tears, stains, tape and bad folds. The results were great. I was impressed.


So I decided to learn about the process and saw a few videos on youtube. Looks pretty easy, I thought to myself. Then I discovered Charlies original thread and read thru every page of it. After reading it I was a little discouraged because it became clear that if you want to do it right, it really is a big commitment (financially, time wise and space wise)


A few weeks passed and the itch was still there. I knew what I needed but didnt even know where to get it. Then by the process of some reverse engineering I figured out where to order from. After tinkering around and thinking about it for another two days I hit enter and placed my order. I still needed a work area and a wash table. Luckily for me, I had a empty spare bedroom in my house (where my posters were laying on the floor) and an empty pool room / shed in my back yard that I could use as a wash room) 


So about a thousand dollars later, I began backing my own posters. So far I've backed 6 (3 One Sheets, a French Half Panel, One Panel and Moyenne) and have made some big and small mistakes and learned something with each one.


One final note before I post pictures: I'd like to give big props (and thanks) to Charlie for posting his story from the very beginning. It inspired me and I'm sure many others. 


Pictures to follow shortly.....



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