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"WTF? You Collect Movie Posters?" Yeah? Check out these collectors...

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin

1. 240 Intimacy Dolls collection

a98719_collection_1-love- dolls

Meet Bob Gibbins, a 60-year-old man who defiantly has an unusual collection…. What is that? Oh, Bob collects sex dolls…in fact he already has 240 of those around the house. What does his wife think of all that? Well, his wife, Lizzie loves it! She even helped him to collect these dolls…the couple spent lots of money on this “hobby” and in 2007 they even bought a doll, named Beverly, which cost them $4000.‎

2. Belly Button Lint Collection


And this is Graham Barker with probably the weirdest item on this list…Barker started to collect bellybutton lint in 1984, when he noticed his own navel lint and became curious about it. He’s the happy owner of the world’s largest collection of navel fluff according to Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Latex Mermaid Tails


Since Eric Ducharme was a child he says he’s been fascinated with mermaids. When he was 16, he put on his first show while swimming as the mermaid prince in ‘Little Mermaid’ show in 2006. Ducharme makes the tails by himself and even runs a business called ‘Mertailor’ that manufactures custom-made tails from silicone, urethanes, and latex rubbers.

4. Dug Gaines and his sock collection


Dug Gaines collects dirty socks. Yes, that’s right – dirty socks. He keeps his massive sock collection in Zip Lock bags to conceal the odor and besides that, he also has over five million photos of feet.

5. World’s Biggest Dalmatians Collection

Dalmatians collection

Karen Ferrier, a 44-year-old secretary, is a Dalmatian-obsessive woman. She owned a collection of 3,500 which she started to
collect 17 years ago. She started to collect the spotty items after buying a Dalmatian dog named Ditto. She is so fanatic about this that her husband painted black spots on her car. She recently had to sell her collection, worth about £1,200, because she has moved into a caravan after divorcing her husband.

6. World’s Largest Collection of “ABC” Nicotine Gum


Barry Chappell Has been rolling around an ABC gumball for years now…he started chewing Nicorette gum during a long flight, because he couldn’t smoke. He couldn’t find a place to put the gum when he was finished chewing it, so he just held it in his hand and twirled it around into a little ball with his fingers. When, his discarded gum became a large ball, he decided to create the world’s largest gumball. Six years and 95,200 pieces of gum later, Barry is a non-smoking man who created a huge piece of chewed gum that weighs 175 pounds!

7. Raggedy Ann Dolls


Robyn Amato can’t stop collecting these Raggedy Ann dolls… She never had these as a child so this collection is like a compensation for her….the 40-year-old is surrounded by more than 3,000 Raggedy Ann dolls that cost her more than $20,000.

8. Milk Bottles Collection


Paul Luke, a 33-year-old man, saved his first milk bottle when he was only 9 years old. He owns more than 10,000 milk bottles and holds a record of ‘the largest collection of Milk Bottles in the world’.

9. 6,000 Barbie Doll collection


Jian Yang, a 33-year-old Singapore man, has a pink living room floor where he holds he’s collection of more than 6,000 Barbie dolls. He has spent 20 years and over £251,699 on his collection.



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