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It's Probably Fake - But We'll Sell It Anyway

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,246 admin
One Source Auction & Estate Services
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Victor , New York
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Email sent:



Your item: Lot 203: Original 1991 Cast Signed Reservoir Dogs Movie Poster

I would suggest you get that poster authenticated, of the two sigs I looked at both Harvey Keitel and Quentin Tarantino autograph appear to be fake.



---------------------------------they reply:

Unfortunately we do not have time to have it authenticated, we did not say it was authentic nor have a COA. We get these items from consignors and due to the large amount of data entry with putting a catalog out, we do not have time to do extra leg work. If you are skeptical, then I would advise not bidding on the item. Thanks for your concern, but we have to just sell it like it is. I will note in the listing that it has not been authenticated. Thanks again.


Hmmm, actually you do say it is authentic, "Original 1991 Cast Signed Reservoir Dogs Movie Poster"

So best advice to members - don't bid on this.


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