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  • Re: Why do dealers get offended...

    great response, Matt

  • Re: Graded Lobby Card

    Thanks, Bruce.  Solid advice.
  • Re: When nobody wants to post thread....

    HONDO said:
     HereComesMongo said:
    David said:
    Jeepers, never even heard of some (many) of them
    I haven't watched/cared about the Oscars since Return of the King won in 2003.

    Why? Too many obscure movies.

    But I'm hopeful one of the HQ pop movies like Wonder Woman will break through and reignite my interest.
    Wonder Woman, you are joking aren't you?
    The reason a lot of films are obscure is because they are quality movies that the majority of people don't seek out and go to see.
    and there lies the heart of the problem.  Is the purpose of the Oscars to reward small and obscure pieces of art that have very limited audiences? Or is it to celebrate and reward the films that celebrate the movies?

    Way too much of the former.  I agree that a Transformers movie shouldn't win just because it has big box office, but it seems that any commercial success is the kiss of death for a statue.  How many of the Top pictures from the last n years are in your library?  How many have you actually seen?  Heck, how many can you name?

    Pretentious should not be the standard bearer for Best picture.
  • Re: November 2017

    A hidden discovery is always sweet, especially one as nice as that Carry On Teacher.
  • Re: October 2017

    Just received this half sheet for On The Town:

    It is only in 'good' condition.  A bit of cleanup, but the big deal is a number of fairly large tears that have been repaired on the back with cellophane tape, now discolored.  Note this is style A, and I can't find any record of that style being sold at either emovieposter or Heritage.  I generally don't back posters, but I am thinking of making an exception here.

    I am open to suggestions, and am leaning toward paperbacking.  Any suggestions on someone that can handle paperbacking and general cleanup on a half sheet?  I was thinking Dario, but his website only discusses linen.  I have a linen half sheet of Lady and the Tramp, and it feels too massive.  Anyone want to chime in?

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