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Ask Your Linenbacking & Restoration Questions



  • JustinJustin Member Posts: 8 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
    Types of linen / canvas? 

    After scouring the forums, I've found what kind of paper to use (PH neutral, around 80g, typically Japanese Masa).

    But as for the linen... From what I've read people now use canvas?

    What are the typical weights used for backing (in grams or ounces) for both linen and canvas?

    I've read to use untreated linen, but what does that mean exactly?

    Also with the canvas, is it generally called duck canvas

    My issue is that in Paris theirs a garment district where they sell everything under the sun but w. restoration / backing, I want to make damn sure I get the right goods... And find the right translation.

    Thanks a heap. I'm back in Paris and after I get my next shipment in, I'll get started on my first resto project and post the resulting disaster (in parts) on these forums.
    Kentucky-bred Eurotrash
  • EisenhowerEisenhower Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 4,488 admin
    Yeah, not sure who uses actual linen, but most use cotton duck canvas. Unprimmed. I get mine from Jerry's Artarama. 60x30, 12oz; although I've read some use 14oz, i get nice results from the 12oz. 

    Masa, i use a soft white, 70gsm, pliable enough when wet/damp to be laid down nicely and glued to the canvas. I get mine from Talas in NY.

    Absolutely post some pictures of your linenbacking adventures, would love to see them!
  • JustinJustin Member Posts: 8 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
    One more question. As I'm in Paris, you would think you could find a lot of the materials here and for the most part, you can... but it's also a bit of a nightmare.

    On paper...

    Masa paper here is only found in smaller sized sheets. No rolls for sale.

    That being said, here's the question:

    If the consensus is 70gsm, masa paper, obv acid free, would something of similar weight work or is it imperative to have the paper be 70-100 percent sulphite? 

    For example: I can find rolls of Kozo paper but usually in lower grains.

    Basically, is it OK to use something other than Masa paper? And if yes, what should you look out for in terms of:


    Most of the japanese paper here is from Awagami but it's like Shiramine (110gsm but doesn't list if its ph neutral).

    One potential paper I have found which I can get on the cheap is this: 

    Fabriano Accademia is 120gsm and ph neutral. After digging I saw that these restorers in Australia use them...

    Anyway, I hope everyone is safe and sound. Things got a bit nuts here in Paris and we're still under a pseudo lockdown. Virus def isn't a joke. Few acquaintances here had it bad but all recovered.
    Kentucky-bred Eurotrash
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