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Paperbacking a 1sheet

*** I also posted this one in  a wrong place on the forum so my apologies :):)****

Hi guys,
I'm gonna need some help here on an issue.

I have recently purchased a 'The Sting' poster but it was in very bad shape (tears, pinholes, tape,...) And I've been looking for someone in Belgium to restore this beauty.

Now, I have found someone that says he can fully restore the poster and also paperback it if I wanted to (he says he doesn't do linen backing).

Now, I've read on the internet that usually 1 sheets are linen backed and not paper backed (also, you can't roll the paper backed posters.)

Is that true? So should I get it paper backed or just restored?  

The guy seems to know what he's talking about because he fixes everything... 

Thanks 4 the help!


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    In Europe anything goes... Typically one sheets are linenbacked.  My opinion is that it shouldn't matter conservation-wise.  Just tell him to leave an inch border around the poster.  Else, the only problem I can foresee is that if you ever tried to resell it in the American market it would potentially not garner the same selling price as a linenbacked versions simply because Americans are idiots and want what everyone else wants and never do any thinking of their own.
  • I have some 30 x 40s paperbacked, and they are fine.  But the not being able to roll them is an absolute pain in the you know what.

    If you ever sold it, how would you send it?  It would have to be sent flat, imagine the size and cost of that.

    if you want to get it restored, I would find someone who can linenback, easier in the long term.

  • Apparently, according to guy who is going to restore my poster. Paperbacking can be rolled... I think he knows what he's doing, he restores almost anything...

    I'm not sure if I'm gonna resell this one, it is a magnificent poster.
  • Yeah... He is probably going to back it with mulberry.  Find out what type of paper he uses.  I'd be interested!
  • What number Holytex do you use as support?
    What adhesive do you use to secure Holytex?
  • I really don’t recall. I would think for a one sheet you would want medium. I do remember that the thinner holytex was a one use application where the medium or thicker could be used several times. The key though is that you do have to peel the holytex off the back (if you want to) and the thinner holytex would stretch and deform.
  • A question on paperbacking, why couldn’t you back onto canvas with a weak adhesive, then peel off paper and poster?
  • You can try and perfect anything... Its just the likely hood that you could achieve an adhesive strong enough to withstand shrinking and one that would still seperate is very low.  The paper contracts and if the adhesive is not strong enough the paper will lift and you could get warping.
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