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Mazurka daybills

PanchoPancho Member Posts: 668 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
Hi guys and gals!

Most of you would be aware that I collect exploitation daybills. I've been piecing together a set of what are generally called the 'Mazurka' or 'Bedside' films - a series of 8 European softcore films. So far I've been able to hunt down 5 of the titles (plus variants) and part of the challenge is figuring out what title the film was released as in Australia (foreign language films often seem to get imaginative titles down under). It is my belief that all 8 films were released in Australian cinemas between 1970 and 1981. The three titles that I can't source are known under the following titles: The 4th film: Bedside Highway / Highway Through The Bedroom, The 7th film: Jumpin' At The Bedside / Danish Escort Girls and the 8th film: Bedside Sailors / Danish Sailors. Any help with the missing 3 posters would be very appreciated! I'm thinking any title that mentions Denmark or Danish might be a possibility!

Here are some images for you. The double bill with 'The Perfumed Garden' is an interesting poster. Although 'Bedroom Mazurka' showed as a double feature with it for ages, I cannot find out what movie it actually is!!

I have 2 colour variants of 'Bedside Dentist' ( a red/white and green/white) as well that I haven't posted.



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