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Eye Candy: Under the Floorboards - Behind the Wall

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
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As most of you know I picked up a couple of collections a few years ago. The first was famously referred to as the Under the Floorboards find, a collection of posters from as early as 1939 had,  in 1941/42 been used as floor insulation by a local movie theatre projectionist on his home. 70 plus years later his grandchildren, during a home reno found them, long story short they came to me.

Within it was an absolutely fabulous collection of Daybills, One Sheets and a few 3 Sheets.

Among the titles was the very beautiful original Wizard of Oz which I helped market and sell at my own auction for what John Reid tells me was a record price for an Australian movie poster at an auction (in Australia).

The condition of the posters varied, after all it had been under the floorboards for 70 or so years, nail holes, liquid stains etc etc but what was special was the vibrance of the colours of these posters - quite wonderful.

Some rare posters for Australian films were donated to National Film and Sound Archive, some were sold during the aforementioned auction, some have been restored and are in my collection which you have seen, some have yet to be restored or won't be and remain in my private collection.

The second collection I picked up was referred to as the Behind the Wall collection, it was mainly titles from the early 50s. The story goes that the owner of the local movie theatre went into the rag trade, bought a shop and lined the walls with daybills and 1sheets.

I have shared some images from both collections, but not all, time being the issue...but as I am getting many of them them ready to sell I took some photos today and I thought I would share here, I know some people are keen to see them. I've only done the 1 sheets at the moment, I've got a lot of posters to get through.

Hope you enjoy them

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For people like Matt who want to watch with coffee in one hand, toast in the other Floorboards Behind Wall

I've not seen this before but Photobucket offer a storyboard way of viewing too Floorboards Behind Wall/story
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