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The Great Gildersleeve & Scattergood Baines RKO Series ( 1941- 1944 ) Australian Daybills

HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 9,249 ✭✭✭✭✭✭ Le Grande Collector

Gildersleeve's Ghost ( 1944 ), Scattergood Survives A Murder ( 1942 ) & Scattergood Rides High ( 1942 ) Australian daybills.

These are the only daybill images found for the RKO film series The Great Gildersleeve ( 1942 - 1943 ) and Scattergood Baines ( 1941 -1943 ).

The Great Gildersleeve series consisted of four films. The missing three film images are from the following titles -  
The Great Gildersleeve ( 1942 ), Gildersleeve's Bad Day ( 1943 ) & Gildersleeve On Broadway ( 1943 ).

Scattergood Baines series was made up of six films and the missing four film images are as follows - Scattergood Baines ( 1941 ), Scattergood Pulls The
Strings ( 1941 ), Scattergood Meets Broadway ( 1941 ) and Cinderella Swings It ( originally to be titled Scattergood Swings It ) ( 1944 ). 

If anyone has any images of the missing seven daybills originally produced for the two series entries please share them here?

A mention here that two other RKO series that I had hoped originally  to have presented  won't be happening, as no daybill images could be located. The two series are Dr, Christian ( 6 films 1939 - 1941 ) and Lum And Abner ( 6 films 1940-1946 ). 

Something that registers with me more and more over the years is the great number of missing daybill ( and all other Australian poster material ) images, pre 1950 that are missing. The more minor the film, the more unlikely it appears that Australian posters are likely to turn up. It seems as if these minor titles were discarded over many years due to being thought of as being of little or no value.

Tarzan RKO series delayed, but will be coming soon. 



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