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Framers and conservators in New Zealand

BrettBrett Member Posts: 2 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
Hi everyone, the last few weeks I've been going to framers and framing galleries in Auckland New Zealand attempting to find someone who knows about movie posters and movie poster conservation ie; linen backing, bleaching, restoration etc as I'm interested in perhaps getting some posters backed.

To put it mildly I've had a pretty big shock. I visited five framers (5) and none of them knew anything about linen backing and bleaching processes etc for movie posters! And yet they all claimed to be 'master framers' and 'conservation experts'. Several I spoke with really thought I was mad when I mentioned linen-backing. They had absolutely no idea. One of them got quite upset that I was questioning his knowledge. Man, it was depressing. Does this happen in Australia?

I know movie poster conservation is a niche craft but the ignorance in general really leaves me wondering. I know New Zealand is a very small market. The only help I had was from the national museum down in Wellington, one of their conservators had crafted with posters in the UK but she couldn't think of anyone in general who had the skills.

I just thought this was really strange. Any comments welcome.

Thanks, Brett     


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