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please help with authentication and framing advice for Tarkovsky Stalker film poster

lemmycautionlemmycaution Member Posts: 1 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
Hello collectors 

Wondering about the authenticity of this recently acquired Stalker poster before the expense of linen backing and framing.
Date of copyright matches printer's address in France for the years. But could still be a reproduction? as the condition seems very fine. The close up shot with "Gaumont presents" offers some residual splotches that I imagine are traces of offset printing and that a reproduction would not print (outside the actual area of artwork) which makes me think it is an original.  Do we think it's authentic? 

Does the collective wisdom here favor linen backing for French 120x160 one sheets? 
I was thinking of flattening (shower steam and a week or so of compression) and then sending away for mounting "floating" inside frame (as with this japanese poster which has no backing below). But am concerned the little blocks used to float it inside frame would create imperfections in the fine condition artwork.

Welcome any thoughts - especially photos of framing suggestions. 

Thanks for your time


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