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Strolling down APF memory lane...

Well VMPF is less than 6 months away from 6 years old.  We are now older than APF was when we left, I think. Wow how time flies...

@MonsterAGoGo has me traveling down memory lane with his latest post about how another forum does a "Best of" annual...  It was funny how in early 2014 when posting our favorite purchases for 2013 we had no real idea VMPF would ever exist.

It was actually a very good year for me:,7339.msg137438.html#msg137438

I don't remember what started it all maybe a ruckus over a post... Well I do but let's leave that in the past. I think it was when I told Holiday to "Shit or get off the pot!" that it all went to hell. Like I said earlier, several of us had a spat with #$*^%*!/Holiday and I actually got banned.  The only person, I think, to have ever gotten banned at the time. (@David tried his best. Erik would have banned me again here a couple years ago for calling him out.)  Holiday and I chatted on facebook and he let me rejoin...,7994.325.html

We've since made peace of course. Cordial but I have never been treated the same there since leaving.  The newbies don't know me and I keep having to defend my amateur expert honor about linenbacking. 

And this beauty still works.  I never did take down any of my images:

It is a bit sad to think that we may have been stronger together but we have done things a bit different on VMPF.

No dealer adverts has been a success.
No infighting, name calling, etc. has been a success. (maybe to our detriment - everyone likes a good fight) 
We have limited the politics... 

However, maybe that is why some folks don't visit and stick around.  There isn't a lot of drama - the entertainment is limited (w/the exception of a little dragging Lawrence through the muck a while back) I do feel bad about that in hindsight, as I had essentially turned into Holiday - one of the reasons I left APF. Thanks for sticking around Hondo! My bad...  I've been reading some of your post - you've still got it.

I guess we've all gotten older and wiser.  We don't have a lot of questions about posters.  And since we can't bitch at each other, posts have slowed. We've lost two admin too, basically.  

But we need a place for Hondo's monthly research. A place to reminisce. A place to show off when we get excited or remember we have something.  Thanks for sticking around and reading to this point. I haven't been this excited about posters in a while. 

Next year will be the best yet!  



  • I think Facebook hurts all online forums
  • It really has... But I really think when people realize the data goes away, forums may come back into fashion. Or not - with the younger crowd it’s all about the right now.

  • Charlie said:

    No dealer adverts has been a success.
    No infighting, name calling, etc. has been a success. (maybe to our detriment - everyone likes a good fight) 
    We have limited the politics...  

    Those are good policies. Infighting, etc ultimately drives people away. Facebook definitely has hurt the forums but there is still great information here. Thanks to Charlie and the admins for keeping it going smoothly and to Hondo for all of his excellent research.
  • Is APF Down?
  • Apparently it is

  • Just came back up
  • Nice post Charlie. Agree. I think I joined in Oct 2014? And time has definitely flown by. Life turned upside down for me in 2019, and my poster world came to a screeching halt-but life is settling down a bit. It is a nice place to stop by. 

    And agree- a great repository for poster knowledge-Lawrence being the mainframe of Aussie history and expert. 

    Best to all. 
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