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English international one-sheets that we think were printed in Thailand

BruceBruce Member, Captain Movie Poster Posts: 1,058 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
edited February 1 in Thai
Over the past few months we were consigned a number of "English international one-sheets" (mostly from current superhero movies), all of which have images NOT seen on domestic one-sheets. When we were first consigned them, we were naturally concerned that they could be some kind of "bootleg" posters (because of the different images, and mostly all great ones).

But we carefully examined them, and because they seemed to be printed on exactly the same paper as domestic one-sheets, and because they were double-sided and have sharp print quality and resolution, we felt they were authentic. We asked the consignors where they came from, and they said they were U.S. posters sent to Thailand for use in the Far East, and that sounded reasonable, so we began auctioning them.

But then we noticed that some posters measured slightly differently, and then someone pointed out there was a spelling error on a Joker poster. We contacted the consignor of that poster, who told us Warner Bros had noticed the typo and had reprinted the poster with a corrected spelling, so we auctioned the one with the spelling error as a "recalled one-sheet".

But then we were consigned yet more different styles of Joker teasers, and also more Avengers one-sheets, and someone with much time found spelling errors on several of them, one with FOUR different spelling errors. That, combined with the fact that ALL the posters seem to originate from Thailand, and that only two Thai sellers have them make us think it is much more likely that these are "Thai one-sheets", created in Thailand for use in Thailand.

We DON'T think they are "bootlegs", because of the very high printing quality, and they are double-sided. It seems extremely likely that whoever printed them had access to the studio art (not copied) and also had access to the same printing presses the studio uses. But if they were printed in the U.S., we don't think there would be any spelling errors or size variations, and we would think that, if they had been printed in the U.S., more than two sellers would be offering them, and that they would not only be from Thailand.

So our current best guess is that they were printed in Thailand, by the studio. Why are printed entirely in English? We don't know for sure, but we do know that a lot of posters used in Thailand are in English, so that is not surprising. The same situation existed in Lebanon and Switzerland in the 1970s to 1990s. Some of those countries posters from that time are printed entirely in English and can only be distinguished from U.S. posters by different paper used, and this may well be a similar situation, except now the Thai printers have access to the same paper.

Note that I am NOT saying that I am 100% certain that these posters were printed in Thailand and that they were NOT printed in the U.S. However, I have enough doubt, and enough evidence to think it is much more likely they were printed in Thailand (but they were printed very high quality, equal to that of U.S. one-sheets). But we do not have absolute proof either way, and everyone can make their own decision on these posters as to where they think they were printed.

One of the Thai sellers of these posters (who sells them on eBay) insists they were printed in the U.S., and he sent an image of a printed mailing label that backs this up, but I know that anyone could PhotoShop this. It is up to each buyer to decide what they believe. I have told you everything I know about these posters above. If I learn any further information, I will let you know that.

Now what we will do about these posters that we already auctioned? We have contacted most of the buyers of them (and will contact the last ones on Monday) and told them that since they were sold this poster as a U.S. one-sheet, and since we are now identifying it as a Thai one-sheet, they can each have a full refund, if they want to return it.

And we have been contacting the people who consigned these posters to us, and have told them what we feel, and what we are doing. And in the future, we will continue to auction these posters, but ONLY as "Thai one-sheets", with the explanation written about what we know about them above.

So anyone who bought any of these from will have the option of a full refund. Anyone who bought any from any other sellers will have to contact them to see what their policies are. As far as we know, is the only auction that offers a lifetime guarantee on all the posters it auctions, and we track down the people who bought any poster that we learn additional information about, and offer them a refund, as we are doing here.

Here is a list of the posters we have identified thus far as being likely "Thai one-sheets":
Avengers Infinity War International Imax Advance "Coming Soon" version
Avengers Infinity War International Advance, Style B (AKA explosion style)
Avengers Endgame International Advance, Light Style
Captain America: Civil War Imax (Advance)
Rise of Skywalker advance (English language version)
and at least three styles of Joker posters (plus the recalled versions of one of them).

Of course we will report any new information about these over the coming weeks, And if anyone out there has any additional information, please post it here. Thanks.
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  • CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,857 admin
    I think there are a lot more titles out there like this. Just not as popular as those above. I had a too good to be true suspicion that these Thai posters would come back to haunt the hobby. 

    I personally bought both the Joker (error) and the Rise of Skywalker. Both for about $75 each before all the craziness. I did refrain from buying the IMAX ROS and the darker one from because I knew this was coming. 

    What I think I would like to figure out is how to determine the real US/INTL posters. I guess ones without spelling mistakes?

    I have also purchase other English language one sheets from Thailand including that Kidman Grace Kelly film. I’ll have to check on other titles.  I too do think they are printed for the Thai market.
    That second mouse in the bowl of cream we call life...
  • SvenSven Member Posts: 2,385 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    Hi Bruce
    Ebay seller cnc_icecream based in Sinagpore has offered and is currently offering some of these posters. Many of them, not all, promote IMAX. IMAX cinemas are quite widespread in south east asia.
    So i do wonder if they were printed for South East Asia. Perhaps you could ask cnc_icecream where they have sourced the posters.

  • SvenSven Member Posts: 2,385 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
  • theartofmovieposterstheartofmovieposters Member Posts: 4,553 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector
    Which seller says they were printed in the US?  First Ive heard this...
  • MattMatt Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,590 admin
    Interesting Bruce. My only thought would be from an economic standpoint. Most things these days are made in China. China is not prevalent in the movie poster market but the Thai market is more established. As Charlie mentioned it's more from a cost standpoint.

    I went to the cinema last posters there, just video posters. Shit, Australia doesn't make cars anymore, they are all imported. Ford, Holden (GMH) and Toyota have shut up shop.
  • BruceBruce Member, Captain Movie Poster Posts: 1,058 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    Thanks for the input guys. I can totally understand people wanting these in their collections, as they are cool, and as I say, they seem to be printed by the same printing presses that print U.S. ones, and they are not reproduced from other posters, as so many bootlegs are.

    I just DON'T want to represent these as "U.S. one-sheets". Please do email me names of any other suspect titles, and we will investigate, and if we agree, we will add them to the list (and if we sold any, email past buyers on those, as well).
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  • CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,857 admin
    Bruce, You need to add Captain Marvel the one where she is in the mask with her fist up. 
    That second mouse in the bowl of cream we call life...
  • BruceBruce Member, Captain Movie Poster Posts: 1,058 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    Thanks Charlie. I will check it out!
    We ( hold 3,000 auctions every other week + 6 major auctions a year.
    See all of our current auctions in one gallery here:
  • theartofmovieposterstheartofmovieposters Member Posts: 4,553 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector
    I have OS's which are in all English, and I have no idea where they were printed.
    Some come from the UK (but don't have any UK markings on them) some from Canada, many from within Aus etc etc.
    So what qualifies as an INTL release OS then if these are to be labelled Thai?
    I definately agree they are NOT US OS, hence would love to know which seller is trying to pass them off as such.

    Also, your list will be a very long one.
    I doubt very much that only the Superhero movies were printed in Asia (as per Matt's comments - which I reckon hits it on the head).
    Any of the major films Like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Bond films etc would all be in the same boat.
    The only films I can see not being in this boat would be the small indi ones which would have no budget to outsource there printing around the world maybe?
  • 110x75110x75 Member, Sarli Connoisseur Posts: 1,833 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    I am grateful I didn't get the modern posters bug.
    So many things to check!!
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