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Customs Duty

SvenSven Member Posts: 2,381 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
I was recently looking at the import declaration form from a Heritage auctions daybill purchase.

HA use tariff code 49911.81.00 (49119100 you will find on the import declaration form - Fedex email this once you have paid import fees)
49118100 is described as Pictures, Designs and Photographs (see Schedule 3, Section XVIII). This attracts a 5% duty fee.

I then start searching other sections of schedule 3 and find this category. 
XXI97 Works of art, collectors' pieces and antiques

and find this specific tariff code which is DUTY FREE

I would have thought a daybill lithograph would be a collector piece and lithograph, and thus be customs duty free.

So either one could ask HA to use 97020000 Tarriff code which is customs duty free


seek a customs duty refund via

If anyone has made a recent purchase at HA it would be worth asking or applying for a refund.

I will try next time and let you know how I go!


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