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Here's a piece of advise for Paypal users...

110x75110x75 Member, Sarli Connoisseur Posts: 1,758 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
Do not use potentially conflictive words when messaging someone through paypal.

I repeat:


Or even best, just don't message anyone through Paypal....

What happened? As some of you may know, I am helping a friend of mine to sell part of her poster collection. Sold some posters to a guy in Texas (who has a latino name and is not Charlie) and once I paid the seller fees I sent the rest of the money to my friend's account with a message that said something like: "here's the money from the posters I sold to *latino name guy*" Bam! Instant freeze!

Got a mail from paypal saying the use of the account was limited until they could verify the operation was not violating any of their policies, and asking to send them the birth date of the *latino name guy* to help clear things up faster. Searched a bit around the internet and turns out there's quite a few similar cases with people who sent messages through paypal that included words like Syria, Cuba, Castro and other latino names... (Hello FBI!!) I asked the seller his birth date, with no answer (can't blame him for not sharing his personal information)

So, I explained the situation to paypal and my case is now at some department to be revised...

It's been 8 days now, still not a clue.

Let's see how things turns out...


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