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Lights out!

DarioDario Member, Restoration Yoda Posts: 163 ✭✭ One-Sheeter
Hi Guys,

Just a friendly note to let everyone know that after much consideration Me and Dave felt that have run its course.

Therefore we have pulled the plug.

As far as me and Linen backing and restoration. I am not going anywhere.

On Dave's recommendation, I am making my presence more on social media ( Facebook and Instagram )

You can all find me under Poster restoration by dario. on either site.

A public thanks to Dave for all his help over the years. Definitely helped me boost my clientele list.


Dave is right again! I have had lots of new inquiries after listening to Dave's recommendations how to boost you your business through social media.

I am temporary closed as we are moving. I should be up and running again end of September, early October.




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