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2020 Reflections

CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,910 admin
edited December 2020 in Recent Acquisitions
Well it’s almost over - 2020... VMPF saw its 6th year. Boy, time flies! I was worried most of 2020 thinking it would take forever to see a potential vaccine and the new year. 

On the poster collecting front, I ended 2019 with a Star Wars bang racking up the Stye A and ROTJ 3SH.  I start 2020 getting my Angels with Dirty Faces Restored. Dario rescued me with a fresh resto of Tax Driver at some point. I missed out on that purple Mad Max which you guys now have me convinced is just as scarce as the orange one...  Else, I spent a lot of 2020 picking up IMAX and Intl variants of many different posters.

Also fell down a comic book rabbit hole with the high point being a Howling Commandos #1 with a Jack Kirby signature on the splash page...

I only managed one barn find this year with all the closures and COVID fear. But you guys wouldn’t know - I never posted them.  I’ll try to get on that today... A very nice set of ~40s stills...

I think for 2021 I need to religiously share my pickups. I use to love posting to latest acquisitions but with my time being pulled away with the firm, I just let it slip.

I also want to increase my Hitchcock and Cagney collection. Hopefully a few great pickups out on the horizon.

Thanks for being a member of the best little poster forum on the inter webs. I always feel we are a close bunch - like a second family...

If I can ever help any of you in any way, just let me know. I’m not as grumpy as I seem.

Wishing you all the best in the new year!

How was your 2020?

That second mouse in the bowl of cream we call life...


  • CSM_2_Point_0CSM_2_Point_0 Member, Super Sleuth Posts: 1,416 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    Great post Charlie and can enjoy the restoration on that poster all day!

    There's a street of lights

    A long dark night
    Restaurant scenes
    And dark machines...

  • MattMatt Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,643 admin
    Sweet post Charlie, can't wait to see those 40's stills. Hopefully we can all stay covid free in the new year.

    As for me only one poster but a gem to add the war collection. Apart from moving to my new place, I got lucky to land a new job and get out of the construction industry. I work for a company that provides fibre to the home in new estates. Those fibres go back to a "head end" via series of splitters which I build in the workshop. 

    Nice to be on active side dealing with Satellite, RF and Comm's equipment rather than just cabling a network.

    Here's for a better new year everyone, good riddens to 2020!
  • 110x75110x75 Member, Sarli Connoisseur Posts: 1,865 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    Grumpy? This man is a saint!! Believe me.
    Have a nice new year folks!! All the best from way, way south!!! ❤
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