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Hi there, I'm a new member looking for more information primarily on semi-transparent, rigid plastic movie posters of vaarious sizes I've tracked down over the years, and also some that I'm looking to find. Thanks for the invite!


  • Did you get your answers?
  • Unfortunately no. Maybe I'm not understanding the correct place to ask, or just that the posters are too obscure. I am trying to find this poster in particular. It's a plastic lightbox panel. I already have the display box that illuminates it. Just looking for the poster. And I have many others like it for a different display box, but they don't fit the RCA one. And I even have some smaller 8x10 ones that fit into an unknown display box, that I dug out of an old video store storage unit. I don't really see anything like that on this site, do you know what other site or source I could look to? Or do you know of anyone that might collect them or know someone with more info on them? I originally came to this site because the image below was from a post here, but seems to be the only mention of posters like this. I messaged the user about it but the post is pretty old.
  • I have a Stargate like this.  Basically, they were used in video stores.  You will just have to hunt them down. I've been doing this 20+ years and have not seen much interest in things like these, so they will be hard to source. Most likely thrown away. 
  • I noticed you mentioned that on another post too, that's cool, I have never seen a Stargate one or the smaller sized display boxes. Do you have a photo of it by chance?
  • I will try to dig it out tonight.  I do not have the display just the mylar.

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