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Shipping a LARGE lot of vintage 1 sheets.

Hey gang, 

New here and trying to wrap my head around SAFELY shipping a lot this large.  It's about 900 (give or take a dozen) vintage 1 sheets that have been stored folded.  They're now in banker boxes (5) without bags or mylar, (I know. I hate it, too) folded and stacked.  

I come from a comic dealing background so I understand condition concerns and caring for easily damaged paper but am completely lost on how to move these in bulk while keeping them safe.  Building a custom crate is not possible.  

Any ideas or past experiences shipping a collection this big?


  • Just need to find a truck service and build a pallet. I have had to have freight items shipped to me.  
  • Craters and Freighters are everywhere. If you get your own pallet, and shrinkwrap it yourself, they will ship it far cheaper.

    You can also simply invest in boxes larger than your banker boxes, and fill the added space on all sides with packing peanuts or crumpled paper. Seal the outer boxes with tons of strapping tape.

    We have zillions of collections larger than yours sent to us all the time, and the only time there is damage is when they are packed poorly.

    Best of luck!
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