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Hello from Mani

Thanks for the invite Charlie.
I always loved movie posters. My luckiest purchase was back in the 80s, when the Academy cinema was closing down. 
Happened to go there to see whatever final films they were screening. They had a sale of old poster stock. So I bought a Strausfeld Mean Streets and Badlands for £5 each. Was all the money I had otherwise would have bought more. I was pretty young back then so when I got home my mother was very angry that I wasted my money on posters. 
Fast forward few years later, my wife came home from IKEA with some frames, and asked if she could trim the posters to fit the frame. I had no idea of their value but thought best not to . Some time later I found out what they were worth.
I have a few Bonds, ( Roger Moores, and 1 Connery)  also one of my favourites is Kuni Hagio, Raging Bull teaser poster.
Have some questions about Godfather Red face, hope you guys can help me with.


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