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The Eisenhower Linenbacking Experience...

EisenhowerEisenhower Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 4,488 admin
 Well, I took the plunge today and began my quest to linenback paper. It's been quite a journey of reading, searching, and consumption of time and money. I wouldn't be typing this had it not been for the technical support of many emails and replies from Charlie and Fernando. Thanks so much guys for responding to my many questions. I've learned, as I read Charlie's thread from 3 years ago, it's one thing to read, study, and spend money on this venture, but doing it takes a great deal of effort and commitment. My wife has been extremely supportive of my goals and my father has been my sounding board. I am grateful to both. 

While my first venture was successful and not successful, I remember reading Charlie's post where he said the meat of this process is in the restoration phase. I still have much work to accomplish to get the wet work and laying of the masa and poster perfected. I have not ventured much into artwork, pencils, paints, gouche, gum arabic, or liquid frisket and air brushing. It will be there that my greatest challenges await. Pictures to follow. 
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