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The Eisenhower Linenbacking Experience...

 Well, I took the plunge today and began my quest to linenback paper. It's been quite a journey of reading, searching, and consumption of time and money. I wouldn't be typing this had it not been for the technical support of many emails and replies from Charlie and Fernando. Thanks so much guys for responding to my many questions. I've learned, as I read Charlie's thread from 3 years ago, it's one thing to read, study, and spend money on this venture, but doing it takes a great deal of effort and commitment. My wife has been extremely supportive of my goals and my father has been my sounding board. I am grateful to both. 

While my first venture was successful and not successful, I remember reading Charlie's post where he said the meat of this process is in the restoration phase. I still have much work to accomplish to get the wet work and laying of the masa and poster perfected. I have not ventured much into artwork, pencils, paints, gouche, gum arabic, or liquid frisket and air brushing. It will be there that my greatest challenges await. Pictures to follow. 


  • The first specimen. Choose a Stewart 1/2 sheet I've had for about 15 years. Was never a big fan of the poster till I started working on it.

    photo A33960F5-4C86-4458-A401-C135E66A4D5B_zpsae612ggm.jpg
  • It had some toning on it, wrinkles and some staining, especially a few on the bottom border. The backside was clean except for a red year stamp. Hat was sanded off prior to washing.

    photo 55B01C12-8928-47A8-AA90-CCCDC95A4D04_zpsapqhlouc.jpg photo 830A01F6-57E2-466D-BAA8-F62AB4DF69B4_zpsucysovk5.jpg photo 886A4E51-F77A-4AC2-A1AB-530D470091C3_zpsmkxvwqir.jpg
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    Creases/wrinkles in upper left-yellow staining-which never did wash out... photo 36C409F4-8D7D-4C41-B920-BF7B73A9B72C_zpsyrbgxgeb.jpg
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    A small batch of wheat starch mixed late last night... photo 62FF86F8-818C-4DAE-8A13-14B6A05D9E71_zpsrqdunhax.jpg After 25 mins, it never did get as translucent as I'd hoped. Worked well the next day. And one cup wheat starch goes a long way!
  • Made a few frames, stretched some canvas, and got the indoor room ready...I'm lucky my wife shares my interests as well & let's me use one our rooms.

    photo 4E715CCE-773F-499A-ADA8-4B3EF8DB3AAF_zpswh2wbmin.jpg photo 8AB37FC4-EFB8-4514-8C29-8E020E90BEE0_zpszbjsoasd.jpg Made a few tables, one for outside, one for inside... photo 5C78D389-AED1-43EC-8432-B188EEA5326E_zpseq12brir.jpg photo 06F12391-4A65-4E97-8F0D-A4EE7F3B68DA_zpsikyjgnj2.jpg
  • Getting ready to wash! photo C94F9494-EE63-46A3-9D1D-14C4C953E17F_zpszakljx4y.jpg photo C30B91CA-36C2-4E7C-8069-A75937A727A5_zpswed6gf82.jpg
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    The finished product!...certainly not perfect. I felt I for the wet work as good as I could for my first time-calibration of chems was tough, but overall I felt it went well. You can see the masa was mislaid off center, but I'm ok with that my first time, I laid the poster well, then rolled out the poster w/o the Mylar...I ended up streaking some ink from the center color images into the white. Not good. ------It didn't ruin what I accomplished, but was certainly a learning experience. Thanks to Charlie for identifying my error after a long PM. Overall, a success! Wet work went well, wheat paste good consistency, masa no fun to smooth out, poster went down like a champ...also, took a sponge to the wet poster to try to get the wheat off from my abraided/napped the paper fibers. Ouch! ------ Poster will be dry in a day or two. Will take some close ups to show how well the deacidification and bleach worked.


    edit: David; added image back
  • Ferkn awesome there Mark, well done - you're a braver man than I Gunga Din!

    Looks like Charlie has a kindred spirit! Excellent stuff! 
  • Thanks David, appreciate It. Looking forward to working on a one sheet next!....
  • Little steps Mark, little steps.

    I have a box of Daybills...

  • Holly Molly Mark that is a sensational attempt...looks great , honestly!! Can't wait to see close ups when dry.
  • =D> =D> =D>

    That tired old looking half sheet has really popped on linen. Well done Mark. Fantastic first effort!

  • [-(  I need more cowbell!
  • Changed the title - sounds like a good band name...
  • Thanks for the compliments guys. It's been a long time coming and thanks for the title change. Wanted to keep it low key, but it sounds much better Charlie. Yes, little steps indeed! Close up pictures of good parts & my errors to come. :D
  • Ive been super busy but I set myself a reminder to login this morning when you mentioned you'd try and get your thread going. 

    Looks great! I'm really happy for you. Just getting to the point where you can start your first poster is a long journey. I can tell you this is much much better than my first attempt!

    Im looking forward to seeing more of your stuff soon.
  • Let me know when you're taking on backing jobs for the rest of us :D
  • edited April 2015
    Oh...I'm impressed. I'm too scared to do that...great job!
  • Thanks Fernando! Appreciate all your help! It was a decent poster to start with, but with enough age/scars to address in the wash phase that turned out good. It was in my final roll out we're I added a few dings. Fortunately correctable! :D ....thx as well Rosa for the nice words!
  • edited April 2015
    CSM said:
    Let me know when you're taking on backing jobs for the rest of us :D

    Uhhhh...think I might need a few/several months maybe to perfect the wash, paste, laying of paper & some restoration efforts, before I endanger others paper, but then...sure! :)>-
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    A few before & after...

    photo 55B01C12-8928-47A8-AA90-CCCDC95A4D04_zpsapqhlouc.jpg photo 4CDCAD8F-FE49-4D7D-9258-4986C2B636F5_zpspl4upusw.jpg It didn't come out completely-although good for first try- looks better from a few feet away (as all stains do!) think next time I'll try a stronger spot bleach approach.
  • Before- Bottom right border -slight stains/wrinkles...

    photo 886A4E51-F77A-4AC2-A1AB-530D470091C3_zpsmkxvwqir.jpg After-bleaching worked well... photo 81730230-406D-4EC4-BF4D-16FAB3AC417B_zpsp0g8q7jc.jpg
  • After...rolling out a poster w/o Mylar-not good pulled out & streaked....lesson learned!

    photo CE416003-6D76-4E49-8666-B895C91DEF53_zpstkvmto7v.jpg photo 581F75BA-AC76-4627-9F9C-CB5799009422_zpsrcrusdxu.jpg
  • Love it!
  • Only minor flaws.mate...but overall result fantastic! Hey 're using stronger bleach to remove stain next time I wonder if better to airbrush?..thinking of darios comment of cooking a poster. Loving the delicates ...keep it coming Mark! :)
  • Quick question is the wash a one or two step process.? first wash to deacidfy and second wash to bleach?
  • Jolly good ! I'm sending you mine for resto ;) Seriously. This looks pretty good to me :)>-
  • Poor Mark doesn't know what he's in for.... ;))
  • Matt said:
    Poor Mark doesn't know what he's in for.... ;))
    he is not complaining. ..yet 8-X
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