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The punch to the stomach that is international postage

PanchoPancho Member Posts: 620 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
Hi guys!

I recently broke a long standing pledge that I had made not to deal with Heritage Auctions and threw a few dollars at a couple of daybills that I thought looked good. Hammer down, got 'em for a price I was happy with (even with BP) and I thought things were looking ok for me and HA again.


Just received an email to let me know that my two itty bitty folded daybills have been quoted at just shy of $110 USD to post! Their website doesn't list prices for international, however within the US their site suggests that it would be less than $12 USD to post - so apparently the extra $90 is

Frankly, I have no idea!

Australia Post Shopmate will send it for maybe $25 US, so I've asked HA to let me know how to get it sent there instead.


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