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Planning when to liquidate

jayn_jjayn_j Member, Singin Dancing Fool, Lobby Master Posts: 661 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
I, like many are getting old.  Bruce has posted a couple of times that at some point, it is only fair to liquidate most of your collection and not stick it to your kids to deal with.

To that end, I ran across this interesting article on "Swedish Death Cleaning" that seems to apply.

Of course, I am still collecting at 68, but I am slowing down and being more selective.  Soon, I am going to need to be satisfied with what I have and start selling it off.  Pick a few items for display, a few that the kids want, and just shed the rest.  I think a trip to West Plains, MO may be in the cards in the next couple of years.
- Jay -
Curmudgeon in training 


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