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Wil's under house find

collectaholliccollectahollic Member Posts: 889 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
edited October 2018 in Recent Acquisitions
To expand upon the addition of the Aussie King Kong's, I thought I'd show some of the other delights from the same soggy box :) 

Brief story, house flippers insulating under an old house, dropped down hatch to find a mass of old suitcases and cardboard boxes which the previous hoarder owner had stuffed down there after running out of space above. Obviously 60+ years of wet soil and mickeys hungry four legged friends took their toll and the bulk of it was skipped during the renovations 12 or so years ago.

In all some really nice bits and bobs (all in need of some TLC, which can come much later), I've still got one pack to go through, but think on top of the KK's, this is the better stuff, sadly I'm still yet to come across the top 2/3's of the Thing Aussie 3Sh, although the owner thinks his ex wife has it, therefore TBC....

To avoid upsetting folks, i'll add a list of titles later, its late here and the Mrs is over it :) Or a good Samaritan can add what they can whilst I sleep. 


Anyone got the top bit of the Thing? That said, I still think this section looks pretty good on its own.

Also this oddity, a hacked OS painted over with a lovely title! (salvaged from skip pile)



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