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Two Simple Rules For Dating This Forum

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
edited July 2014 in Rules, We Have Some
We've got to have rules, for the most part it's called common sense and respect - for the rest of the rules, well we'll make it up as we go along ;), but we do need to have some boundaries so everyone know how this thing operates, so...

This is a self moderated freedom of speech sort of forum, but in these here parts we don't take kindly to a few things, so as long as you know...

1. Arguments
  • This is not Fight Club and sure, there is going to be clashes along the way that happens in forums. Our advice is get over it quickly and once it's over then don't bother bearing a grudge to start up again at the first opportunity, else we'll kick your ass right out the door.
  • If you must argue then argue the point not the person, full frontal attacks on people are tiresome and not tolerated.
  • Trolls: There are those that posts topics knowing full well it going to probably get an argumentative response and there are those who post replies that are simply argumentative, that is called Trolling. Please don't.
  • Abusive Behavior. As we said this is a self moderated forum, members here decide if something is considered abusive by member(s) they can click (anonymously) the 'Flag' button at the bottom left of the offending post (marking it as "Abuse" or "Spam") when 5 people flag the post the same way then that post is auto deleted. Simple, and effective way for a forum to be self moderated. Of course it it becomes a habit that your post is marked as such...
  • One person One account - we can't think of any good reason why you would need two unless it is to start an argument under the guise of someone else, so we'll delete it if you open up a second one.
2. Advertising
  • This forum is for collectors it is not for businesses to continually promote themselves by posting adverts, advertorials and/or infomercials in our forum.
  • If you have a business and you want to promote it we provide a section for you here
  • In the above section we allow a 600px X 150px banner and (maximum) 300 character description (plus title) - we will link your banner and/title to your website.
  • If you are in the "business" of course you are welcome to join, however you may not sign up using your business name as your members name - we'd prefer if you used your real name although we won't stop you from using a nom de plum but to be honest, this is just a poster forum not some secret government data mining facility.
  • We recommend you personalise your Profile Pic however your profile pic cannot be an advert. Adjust your profile pic by clicking the cog wheel top left beside your name, then click Change My Picture.
  • This forum does allows for personalised signatures and banners, so remember, the more you post the more times your (free) signature is seen - a good signature banners works!
  • Signature banners can be linked to your business (ask us if you don't know how) and are restricted to a maximum of 400px x 50px (width x height), that's big enough to showcase yourself and/or your business, here's an example of that size:

  • The banner sizes are maximum height and/or width - it doesn't have to be that size but it can't be bigger than those dimensions.
  • The banner size is the total signature size, in other words you can't "top it up" with additional text or space (with the exception of adding your name)
  • If you want to use a signature banner to promote something other than a poster outlet, that's fine, provided it is legal we have no issues.
  • If you participate in a discussion and simply use it to promote your business, we will ask you to stop. However, if members discuss your business then of course you are entitled to be a part of that discussion.
  • Please don't use your right to post as an opportunity to trash someone else's business.
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