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A Christmas Story (1983)
"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"
Do NOT click here until December 1st because if you do you will be whomped up the side of your head
Woot! Santa is coming!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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  • The Australian Superior System for Poster Grading

    In a hobby that has as many as 10 different movie poster grading systems The Australian Superior System for Poster Grading was introduced by Australian movie poster collectors for Australian movie poster collectors. It takes the mystique and confusion out of movie poster grading for both the uninitiated, the newbies and the old guard.

    So accurate is this system it has been agreed by international movie poster sellers and auctioneers to be officially adopted into practice in 2017.

    The A.S.S Poster Grading System
    Beudy - #$*^%*! me, how good is this?!
    Dinkum - #$*^%*! ripper of a poster.
    Grouse - It ain't fair dinkum but it's #$*^%*! good.
    Bodgy - Not cactus yet so #$*^%*! grab it now.
    Cactus - Pretty much #$*^%*! up paper.
    Dunny - This is shit paper.

  • Re: Linen backing error?

    Matt said:
     Look at the poster..not the mistake.
    Would explain why there are no mirrors at your house.

  • Re: December 2017

    jayn_j said:

    But the woman is VERY "cool":

    Here comes what I do.  Space is cold by this definition, but you need to analyze heat dissipation.  heat is transferred by conduction, convection and radiation.  Since space contains no thermal mass, there is no conduction or convection.  Only loss is through radiation and that is very slow.  The reality is that when you design electronics for space, the big trick is to cool it.  Basically, space is a damned good thermal insulator.

    I'd post a space mike drop pic, but there'd be nothing to see...
  • Re: Rarest Daybill Posters

    HONDO said:
    Rich said:
    David said:
    Between 120 and 150 million
    sure seems like a large enough population for more posters to be around.

    David was attempting to be funny. Around the time the 1934 film was released in Australia, circa 1934, the population here was around 6,677,361 people. In 2016 the Australian population was 24.13 million and in  New Zealand it was 4.693 million. 
    FYI: That makes me 100% correct.  ;)
  • Rita Hayworth Dances

    Fred Astaire, with whom she made two films, called her his favorite dance partner.

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