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  • Re: Bladerunner 2049

    David said:
    David said:
    They should have left it alone. Next thing you'll know they be doing a sequel for that Star Wars movie from 1977
    Which you've never seen =)
    True but in 40 years I have seen so many clips, shorts, references to the film I pretty much know what it's about  - even I think Hans hot first.  =) =)
    It's H-A-N dammit!  ;)

    I say Tomato you say errr Tomato...?

    Well bugger me, I thought it was Hans Olo
  • Re: Yeah, so, I am watching this..,

    I'm guessing it's not an animation about a Steve the Sphynx cat who doesn't want to be so different as all his other furry friends so embarks on a hair growing adventure; laughter ensues as his friends help him trial all different remedies they learn about from adverts that they see on TV and on the back of cereal boxes...but something more sinister lurks as a scoundrel tries to kidnap Steve's best friend the rare white skunk (Kevin) and Steve finds that it's what under his skin that makes him special as he tries to rescue Kevin before he is shipped overseas to a collector of rare (dead and stuffed) animals...

  • Re: September 2017

    Top pick-up Christie, Charlie (damn spellcheck) a most excellent series
    Post edited by David on
  • Re: More Free Stuff

    OK, I'm very confused by VMPF disinterest, but I'll take it to MOPO, where it won't last long....

    Your honour

    The member for Mongo has no interest in the poster [hereinafter known as AWL Poster] and has tried to give it fellow members of VMPF who, in similar fashion, have (although most appreciative of the offer), shown no interest in the aforementioned memorabilia. The member for Mongo has expressed his confusion that fellow members of said forum have similar taste to his own.

    So to get rid of AWL Poster the member for Mongo will take it to another forum where the tastes, by his own inference, are lesser than his own, ergo that of the members of the revered VMPF.

    Post edited by David on
  • Re: July 2017

    Here's my Breakfast at Tiffany's 1SH

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