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March 2020

rockabilly777rockabilly777 Member, The Framer Posts: 632 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
Thanks for the kind words for my post in last month's recent acquisitions thread, guys. There's quite a few here, and probably only 1 that's actually from March. I'm just catching up with regards to poster purchases that are relatively recent. In no particular order (except for leaving a non-movie poster for last):

The Racers R61 - very similar to the '55 1 sheet, just a lot less blue background.

 racers 1 sheet different style

Holy crap. As always, sorry for the attack of the 50 foot poster image. Sheesh. I still don't know of a reliable way to resize images to post here. Wordpress will allow for resizing photos, but seemingly only when publishing within their website. 

I've always thought about collecting posters for Serials, but I REALLY don't need another genre to collect. I ran across this one that has a neato vintage car image, and it has a cool title too. It ain't much on color, but it fits the bill just fine.

secret agent x9 1 sheet

Next up, more automobile art (gee, big surprise, eh?). This one's an ex-Yugoslavian poster for the Italian film,  Giovani Mariti (Young Husbands). It's literally rough around the edges, but just like the phrase we've made fun of for years, "it's difficult to find in any condition".

 giovani mariti yugoslavian poster

Next up, a bit of Aussie love for some 50's rock & roll (sorry for the exceptionally poor seller's pic).

jamboree daybill

Aaaaaaaand a bit more vehicular art, this time with a Belgain poster for In Fast Company:

fast company belgian

Next up, a lobby card set for Dragstrip Riot. Movie posters for this title still exceed my poster budget, but I'm happy to have the cards for now. As evidenced by the photo below, a few of the cards had a seedy second life, which I think is pretty amusing. Interestingly enough, for a film that has the word "Dragstrip" in the title, only one of the cards even has a partial picture of a car.

dragstrip riot lobby card set 2
dragstrip riot lobby card set 3
dragstrip riot lobby card set 4

Another poor photo, this time from the postwar era of sportscar racing:

devils hairpin 1 sheet

Next up, just a groovy title card from what was probably a forgettable 40's comedy:

hat check honey title card

Coincidentally, from the same year as Hat Check Honey (1944), the US 1 sheet for Are These Our Parents:

are these our parents 1 sheet

We're getting close to the end, now. If you're not bored to tears already, there's not much more to go. Next, another Terry Toons 1 sheet, this time from 1941, if I remember right. (yay! a normal size photo!):

terry toons horsefly opera 1 sheet

A more modern one for me, but c'mon, it's Bettie!

bettie page reveals all 1 sheet 2

And lastly, as promised (or threatened), a non movie poster, but rather just a wilding/promo poster for a Reverend Horton Heat album, with cool artwork by a chap named Max Grundy:

max grundy horton heat poster

Whew! That's it for now. I think I'm all caught up.  B)B)


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