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April 2020

rockabilly777rockabilly777 Member, The Framer Posts: 587 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
It's understandably slow here at the VMPF watering hole, so I'll help kick start things off for April. I offer my usual apologies for using auction photos instead of getting off the dime and taking my own. The first two offerings here aren't movie posters, but do have a marginal relation to film:

This one is just a groovy 24x36 poster created to advertise what I assume was a car show, but it was held in conjunction with a related film festival:

This one is an 11x17 poster on one side, informational flyer on the other side thingy that I would guess advertises a series of the graphic novels. 

Allrighty. Now we're at least back into actual cinematic stuff. I had and sold off this poster in the distant past, but here I am, buying it once again:

And lastly for now, the gem of this particular post, a backed one sheet for a cautionary tale of morality:  ;)



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