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Official Entry Page and Submissions Thread (Now Closed)

CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,806 admin
Entries will be accepted by responding to this thread. Remember it is first in, best dressed...  I will not make any assumptions whether you are going to play or not. 

If you are not on this list you are not in the tourney!

The Official List

1. Matt (Posted Both Rounds)

2. David (Posted Week 1 Only)

3. Charlie (Posted Both Rounds)

4. Mark (Eisenhower) (Posted Both Rounds)

5. Chris (Posted Both Rounds)

6. Paul (Posted Both Rounds)

7. Matias (110x75)(Posted Round 1)

8.  Randy D. (Posted Both Rounds)

9.  Jason(Posted Round 1)

10.  Alex (Posted Both Rounds)

Important Dates:

February 9th - Draft rules will be finalized and set.
February 9th - First Official day for submissions.  You are welcome to send now if ready (more on this below)
February 9th - MOPO e-mail
February 13th - Facebook Campaign (want to let established/familiar/known collectors get first shot)
February 21st - First two rounds of urls are due by noon.  If you don't send em in, then nothing with be posted - i.e. you forfeit.
February 22nd - First round voting begins at 9 PM.


I will take the burden of handling all submission via PM or e-mail ([email protected]).  They will be from the three main categories and three specific categories in Figure 1.

Figure 1.  Weekly Categories

Image format 

It would be appreciated if images are less than 1000 pixels in there longest directions to aid in the presentation of the poll thread.

Submission Format

Round 1

Entry 1 - "Actress" - Audrey Hepburn - Paris When it Sizzles US OS

<<<url here>>>

Entry 2 - "Horror" - Carrie US OS

<<<url here>>>

Entry 3 - "1960s" - Mudhoney US OS

<<<url here>>>

Entry 4 - "Director" - Tarantino - Pulpfiction US OS SS

<<<url here>>>

Round 2

Entry 1 - "Actress" - Natalie Portman - Black Swan Intl. Art Deco (La Boca) DS 

<<<url here>>>

Entry 2 - "Comedy" - Funny Farm US OS

<<<url here>>>

Entry 3 - "Actor" - Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain Japanese B2

<<<url here>>>

Entry 4 - "Italian" - My Fair Lady 1st Release Italian 1P

<<<url here>>>


Contact me or comment below.

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